EP 43: How to make $15,000 per sequence as an email copywriter
EP 42: How to charge for your copywriting work
EP 41: How to face criticism and build resilience
EP 40: How to add PR to your suite of copywriting services
EP 39: How to find your first copywriting client
EP 38: How to transition from teaching to full-time copywriting
EP 37: How to articulate your value as a copywriter
EP 36: How to create an ‘industrial scale’ social media campaign
EP 35: How to automate your copywriting business
EP 34: How to launch your email copywriting business and write a ‘welcome’ email series to promote it
EP 33: How to build your copywriting website
EP 32: How to market your copywriting business (without selling yourself or selling out)
EP 31: How to create landing pages that generate leads and sales
EP 30: How to create quick and easy blog posts that convert more customers
EP 29: How to send emails that bypass the spam filter
EP 28: How to become a healthcare copywriter
EP 27: How to get paid what you’re worth
EP 26: How an Australian actor landed his dream job in a hot ad agency
EP 25: How to transition from a traditional career to full-time copywriting
EP 24: How to become a real estate copywriter 
EP 23: How to triumph in the face of adversity
EP 22: How to use Instagram to promote your copywriting business
EP 21: How to setup, structure and launch your new copywriting business
EP 20: How to use monthly retainers to turn one-off copywriting jobs into long-term contracts
EP 19: How to become a top-gun SEO copywriter
EP 18: How to transition from journalism to copywriting and double your income
EP 17: How to present work to your client
EP 16: How to find your first copywriting client
EP 15: How to get freelance work through an agency
EP 14: Internet copywriting superstar Adil Amarsi on how he earns $100,000+ per copy job