EP 41: How to face criticism and build resilience

Podcasts on August 29, 2022

Criticism. We’ve all had it and for as long as we continue to be copywriters we’ll continue to get it. But it’s how we deal with it that makes all the difference. It can set us up to be better at what we do or it can cut us to the quick and stop us from doing what we were born to do.

In this podcast I talk to Zara and Troy Love, two of Australia’s foremost performance and speech coaches. They’ve worked with politicians, actors and sports stars to help them craft their public persona, write their speeches and coach them to shine on stage.

We talk about how to:

  • How to build our resilience in the face of criticism
  • Present yourself with authority and confidence
  • Use a simple three-part process for communicating your value
  • Overcome impostor syndrome
  • Protect yourself if you are a highly sensitive people (HSPs) – yes, it’s a thing (and why copywriting attracts highly sensitive people)
  • The 4 agreements that will protect you from feeling cut to the core from criticism
  • The 10/10/10 rule for overcoming negative feedback
  • How to not take things personally
  • Apply simple techniques for managing self-esteem and self-belief
  • How to work with clients more effectively


Troy & Zara are the Directors of Great Talk and two of Australia’s most loved performers. Honing their craft as stand up comics, Troy & Zara spent years as award-winning breakfast radio hosts and more recently, nearly two decades hosting live events for major companies here and internationally.

With over 10,000 appearances on-stage, online, radio and screen to a collective audience of more than 10- million, Troy & Zara know a thing or two about performance and after 30- years together as a team, understand the value of great relationships.

As coaches, they work with professional speakers, thought leaders, tech wizzes and influencers to help them shape, share and deliver an engaging message in a more powerful way.

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