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Want to add a new string to your copywriting bow? Email copywriting could be it. Don't reinvent the wheel or waste time working out this complex topic for yourself. Enrol today and get the tips, templates and training you need to confidently offer this service to your clients.  

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Build your confidence as an email copywriter

Become a highly-skilled email marketer 

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Become a confident, highly paid email marketer

and email copywriter

Want to add a new string to your copywriting bow? Email copywriting could be it. Don't reinvent the wheel or waste time working out this complex topic for yourself. Enrol in our brand-new Email and Marketing Copywriting course and get the tips, templates and training you need to confidently offer this service to your clients. 

If you're tired of not knowing exactly how to create an email campaign and want to learn the nuts and bolts of a successful email strategy, this is the course for you.

The seven modules are jam-packed with video tutorials, case studies, templates, checklists, 'over-the-shoulder walk-throughs' of complex copy decks, and step-by-step guides to help you create, write and launch an email campaign for a wide range of businesses.

Email is not dead, never was, and never will be, so now's the time to get in on the ground floor, get trained, get competent and get your email credentials in the bag so you can hit the ground running and start earning a lucrative revenue.

This course is ideal for: Copywriters, business owners and marketers who want to master the art and science of email marketing and copywriting and generate a new and lucrative source of freelance revenue.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make money as an email marketer and copywriter
  • Map the customer journey and write for all stages of the marketing and email funnel
  • Plot, plan and write for a wide range of email campaigns
  • Get your emails past the spam filter
  • Write welcome sequences, replenishment series, abandoned cart and win-back campaigns
  • Use pre-written templates and fast-track formulas to help you write results-based copy
  • And much more

Course module outlines  

Learn how to create and write email marketing campaigns that get results. We've covered every channel - business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), eCommerce, not-for-profits and professional services - we've left no stone unturned. 

This course is unbeatable for an up-to-the-minute, best-practice crash course on how to create, devise and write high-performing email campaigns and sequences.

In addition to the video tutorials, checklists, handouts, templates and pre-written templates you'll also get access to a treasure trove of bonus content including interviews with leading email copywriters. They'll not only share their coveted creative processes with you, but take you through their email copy decks, line by line, and show you how they wrote it, why they wrote it and the results they achieved.

Estimated 25 hours to complete.

Video Modules

The Absolute Basics 


How to design an email marketing strategy and funnel-based campaigns

  • Different styles of email campaigns
  • The pros and cons of using each style
  • How to choose the right format for your needs
  • A deep dive into what digital marketing is
  • Learn how to integrate an email campaign into your wider marketing strategy
  • Top 5 email marketing strategies
  • Access to proven wireframes and layouts to plan, document & structure campaigns
  • Fundamentals of how to map the customer journey and identify the copy needed for each stage of the purchase cycle

The Creative


How to take a Creative Brief, craft a campaign and plot your strategy

  • A systemic process for planning an email campaign from scratch
  • How to take an email marketing Creative Brief
  • Be given the tools and templates to conduct a creative briefing meeting like a professional
  • How to research, flesh out and create a buyer persona for any client
  • Access the top 3 templates for how to fast-track the client briefing session
  • Explore how a Voice of Customer process operates
  • How to convert a 'messy' Creative Brief into compelling features & benefits

The Craft of 


How to write copy for your email campaign

  • Our proven 7-step formula for writing copy for any medium with a specific emphasis on email 
  • How to craft clickable email pre-headers and subject lines that dramatically increase open rates
  • The top 30 headline formulas used by email superstars that get massive results
  • 15 pre-written templates that practically write the headline for you 
  • Be introduced to the Like-Know-Trust formula
  • Get over 30 tried and tested 'trigger statements' & 10+ 'done for you' templates to  help you write body copy



How to write email sequences, work flows and automations

  • The fundamentals of how to create email sequences
  • How to write conversion copy for each stage of the lead nurturing sequences, including how to write a 'welcome' sequence
  • Access to an 'over the shoulder' video walk-through of a high-performing 'welcome sequence' and 'replenishment sequence' with leading email copywriter, Liz Green
  • The 5 critical phases of every successful win-back campaign, ow to write the copy for each phase and 15 real-world examples
  • A 5-part email sequence for abandoned carts with real-life examples 

Building the


How to build an email list, generate traffic and increase conversions

  • How to develop a high-performing lead magnet, pop-up and landing page
  • How to use these to build your database list and generate traffic 
  • How to write compelling copy for 8 different types of Call to Action buttons & how to leverage the psychology of colour to generate maximum click-throughs
  • Techniques for overcoming procrastination, writer's block and imposter syndrome
  • Access to detailed case studies and swipe files that reveal how world-class companies use to email to generate sales 



How to create and write effective email newsletters that generate results

  • Access to a newsletter calendar content spreadsheet and template to help you plan, track the metrics and create seasonal themes
  • 7 'best practice' strategies for email newsletter production
  • 15 quick and easy ways to generate email newsletter topics, ideas and segments
  • The strategy and structure that make a top performing email newsletter work so well
  • Top 12 ways to segment any list so you target specific audiences at different stages of the buying cycle

The Execution


How to put it all together to roll out your email copy

  • How to tie all the elements of an email campaign into one, comprehensive strategy so that you know exactly what to do at each stage of the creative process
  • The nitty-gritty world of writing long-form emailers that get results, and the tricky art of writing cold call emails that build rapport
  • How to use the 'fast track' email copywriting template, plot a comprehensive email newsletter campaign, design the marketing funnel strategy & brainstorm newsletter topics for each stage of the buying cycle 
  • The legal side of running an email campaign, including how to avoid spam filters, an overview of Europe's GDPR and privacy laws 
  • How to create an email footer and manage the unsubscribe process 


2 calls x 45 minutes personal coaching sessions with Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt.

Few email marketing & copywriting courses offer direct access to the course creator.  Ours does. We know that this personalised advice helps many copywriters break through their limiting beliefs, uncover unseen opportunities and provide the guidance needed to see quick success.

Access to a mentor like Bernadette Schwerdt makes all the difference to your copywriting success and it's the # 1 reason students choose our courses over all the others.

These calls alone are worth the cost of the course. Your one-to-one sessions enable you to get:

  • Feedback on your work
  • Access to work opportunities 
  • Direct solutions to the blocks that are holding you back
  • Personal, tailored advice on your specific issues and situation
  • Advice and guidance from three of Australia's most experienced and trusted authorities on freelance copywriting

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