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Some of the world’s top novelists and screenwriters started their careers as copywriters – Fay Weldon, Peter Carey, Philip Adams, Di Morrisey, Salman Rushdie and Don DeLillo to name just a few.

But what is copywriting? 

Copywriting is the art of writing words that sell, and the people who write the words are copywriters. We write words for websites, blogs, Facebook ads, brochures, TikTok videos and more, and we get paid a lot to do so.

If you love the thought of writing words for a living, getting paid more for one job than most people earn in a week, then copywriting is for you.  Someone has to write these words  – why not you?

There's never been a better time to re-invent yourself, re-imagine what life could be and re-purpose the careers you've already had. Enrol in Copywriting for Profit, get instant access to your course and start living the copywriting life today.

If you like writing and you're looking for a new, well-paid career, this is it.

Dip your toe in the copywriting waters and see if it's the career for you. In this fast paced, on demand, online course you'll get the skills, templates and guidelines you need to re-skill and re-train as a professional copywriter. In as little as 20 hours, you could be on your way to a new career. Read our testimonials to discover how one small course can make a massive impact.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Write copy for every medium - websites, blogs, social media, emailers, brochures, TV, radio and more
  • Apply our proven 7-step process for writing copy that gets results 
  • Use our 21-point Creative Brief template to write consistently great work 
  • Use sophisticated research techniques to quickly become an expert on any topic, industry or product
  • Apply the principles of persuasive psychology to craft content that connects and converts 
  • Work with formulas to fast track your writing process, overcome impostor syndrome and build your confidence

Course module outlines

Copywriting for Profit has launched the careers of thousands of Australian copywriters. This is THE most comprehensive copywriting course on the market. Created by an Australian copywriter for Australian copywriters. 


Estimated time: 25 hours

Video modules

The 7 steps
to writing great copy

Video Module 1

  • What copywriters do and how to become one
  • Top 5 secrets of all successful copywriters
  • How to write copy for all mediums
  • 7 steps to writing great copy for websites, blogs, email, You Tube, Facebook, sales letters and more
  • Top 10 formulas for writing headlines that work and how to adapt them to any business
  • How to write for all stages of the marketing funnel 
  • Creating lead magnets
  • How to motivate readers to take instant action

How to write
headlines that
get results

Video Module 2

  • Get access to a trove of swipe files, templates, checklists to fast track your copywriting
  • How to segment your audience, write for a range of markets and get results
  • How to apply the Problem, Agitation, Solution  method to writing copy
  • Fast ways to uncover a customer’s deepest problems, and write instant copy that solves them
  • Top 25 reasons why people buy and how to craft copy for every stage of the buyer's journey

How to use a
Client Creative Brief 

Video Module 3

  • How to use the 21-point Creative brief to streamline your copywriting process
  • Swipe files demonstrating best (and worst) practice
  • How to use the "Fast FAQ" technique to help you write copy on the spot
  • The 'WIIFM' process for writing customer-focussed copy
  • Templates for creating USPs, Elevator Pitches and Positioning Statements to kick start the process and eliminate procrastination

How to write SEO and web copy

Video Module 4

  • How to write SEO copy that gets a client's website on page one of Google
  • How Google (really) works and why good copy is critical to getting found
  • The secret to finding what keywords rank best
  • The power of back-links, how to write them and why Google loves them
  • How to write effective titles and descriptions for a website, long and short tail content and when to use 
  • How to use simple Keyword Planners and other research tools

How to write emails and long sales copy

Video Module 5

  • How to write email newsletters, sales letters and landing pages
  • How to write opening statements, transitions, grabbers, lead magnets and landing page offers
  • How to use 'Link' words to string long copy together and keep the reader engaged
  • Swipe files of award winning long copy examples
  • Case Studies using award-winning advertisements to demonstrate key concepts
  • Practical tips for writing active, compelling and punchy copy that provokes

How to make money from copywriting

Bonus: Module 6

  • Tips for finding paid copywriting work quickly
  • Proven techniques to increase your charge out rate 
  • Swipe files of the top templates you'll need to get started -  invoices, project proposals and blogs
  • Access to where all the  ‘hidden’ copywriting opportunities are
  • How to build your online presence, launch your copywriting business and build your copy website 
  • How to find new clients and sell yourself (without selling out)
  • How to overcome Impostor Syndrome 

Introduction to ChatGPT


Bonus: Module 7

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What can you ask it to do?
  • What roles will be impacted?
  • Benefits of ChatGPT
  • Opportunities ChatGPT provides
  • Advice on using AI
  • How to talk to clients about using ChatGPT
  • Marketing prompts
  • Creating summaries
  • Help with creativity, writer’s block and motivation
  • Tips on getting started
  • Demonstration: ChatGPT
  • How to detect AI copy
  • Demonstration: Jasper

Want more? You got it.  

Welcome to your 'Copywriting Craft Compendium.'

14 downloadable, printable 'deep dive' eBooks for your reading pleasure + 120-page 'swipe file' of award-winning advertisements.


An introduction


An introduction:

  • What copywriters do and the different types of copywriting
  • How copywriters work, what they get paid and how to find work
  • How copywriters and art directors/graphic designers work together
  • What great advertising is and how to create it


The Ad Pack

Swipe File


The Ad Pack Swipe File:

  • A massive swipe file of over 200+ examples of the best in class examples of copywriting
  • A deep dive exploration of what makes a successful advertisement
  • Instant inspiration - feeling flat, unmotivated or tired? Flip through and get inspired to get back to work

Great Advertising:

What Is It
And How
Is It Created?

Great Advertising:

What Is It And How Is It Created?

  • How to create the 9 building blocks of great advertisements
  • The top 30 headline formulas
  • Swipe files and examples for every formula
  • How to create lead magnets, offers and calls to action
  • How to write a great tagline  


The Creative


The Creative Brief:

  • What a creative brief is and why it’s used
  • The components of the brief and how to complete one
  • The top 21 questions you must ask your client
  • How to document your creative process
  • Tips for covering your 'butt' and minimise client conflict
  • Swipe files of famous Creative Briefs


How To Write
That Sell


How To Write Headlines That Sell:

  • The importance and role of headlines
  • The Top 19 formulas for creating successful headlines
  • The role, power and purpose of headlines
  • Examples of all the best headline formulas in action
  • How to write sub headlines
  • The best formulas for a range of different businesses

Great Advertising:

How To Create


How To Create Compelling Offers:

  • Why offers and incentives are vital to getting a response and how they work
  • How to motivate a consumer to ‘take action’
  • How to choose the best offer for your objective
  • The top 17 'unconditional' and 'conditional'  offer templates that generate action
  • 13  'openers' that grab instant attention


How To Write
Direct Mail


How To Write Direct Mail:

  • When to use direct mail and how to write it
  • 10-step process to writing a direct mail piece (in under 13 minutes!)
  • How to open with a dramatic statement
  • Top 5 tips on how to increase your open rates
  • Tips on how to overcome buyer objections
  • Completed Creative Briefing documents showcasing a real brief in action 
  • Top 70 Link words to keep readers engaged


How To


How To Write Brochures:

  • How to write brochures, fliers and scope of service brochures for any company
  • How to write for B2B, B2C and other channels
  • What to include on the cover and contents page
  • Tips on writing for service companies and how it's different to writing for products
  • The top 4 most popular brochure formats 
  • A 7 step process for writing successful brochures from scratch

Great Advertising:

How To
Come Up With
Great Ideas


How To Come Up With Great Ideas:

  • How to develop your own creative process
  • A 3-step foolproof process for generating creative concepts
  • 5 top copywriters share their ideation process
  • Why offers and incentives are vital to getting a response and how they work
  • Case study: BMW and how to break creative boundaries
  • 9 ways to avoid writer's block


How To
Write Words
That Sell


How To Write Words That Sell:

  • How to use persuasive words that sell
  • 30 benefit statements that create a unique point of difference
  • Choosing the right word for maximum effect
  • Choosing the right benefits
  • How to write long body copy for sales letters, direct response, landing pages and emails
  • Top 15 tips to improve the clarity of your writing
  • How much should you write? Discover the formula here.


How To Write
Press And Print


How To Write Press And Print Advertisements:

  • The difference between print and press advertisements
  • How to write and develop creative concepts for both
  • The 3 elements of a successful print campaign
  • How to write body copy, strap lines and tags
  • 13 ways to improve your advertisement
  • How to write small space ads

Great Advertising:

How To Write

For TV
And Radio


How To Write For TV And Radio:

  • How to write copy for TV, radio and electronic media
  • When to use TV and radio and the pros and cons of each
  •  Mistakes to avoid when writing for TV and radio)
  • How to layout a TV and radio advertisement
  • Templates and sample scripts from famous TV campaigns
  • Storyboard templates and Creative Brief swipe files for your files


How To
Write A


How To Write A Newsletter:

  • How to write a newsletter for any product or service
  • How to identify your target markets and write for them
  • 60 top topics for a successful newsletter
  • How to identify the right size and format for your target audience
  • How to brainstorm great ideas, concepts and stories for each issue
  • How to choose a catchy name for your newsletter
  • How to write articles and source content quickly and easily
  • Cheat Sheets to generate unique story ideas



For The Web


Writing For The Web:

  • The 11 fundamental principles for successful web writing
  • How to create a great website
  • Pages you need to include on the website
  • How to write copy for the web
  • Ten guidelines for website design
  • How to use email to market a product or service that sell
  • How to optimise your website
  • Top 100 questions to create a Website Audit lead magnet to generate new clients


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