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A practical and proven guide to setting up a thriving freelance copywriting business. Learn how to attract new clients, build your online brand, and live the freelancer life.  A marketing kit in a box to help you sell yourself, (without selling out.)

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Writing copy is one thing. Launching a freelance copywriting business is another. We've got you covered. There's never been a better time to reinvent yourself, take control of your future and launch your side hustle. 

Skip the marketing degree and start making money from copywriting now.  If you're new to business, have never worked for yourself or consulted, our Get Paid to Write course is for you. It's a marketing kit in-a-box and provides all the tools, tips and techniques to help you launch your copywriting side hustle, consultancy or agency.  We've packed 30 years of marketing, entrepreneurship and sales training into this course and left nothing on the table.  Build your confidence, avoid rookie errors and start earning great money from your copywriting skills today.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a home-based, freelance copywriting business
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Craft your personal brand, build your website, niche your services and get cracking
  • Develop your own marketing ecosystem to find clients, negotiate like a pro and get paid what you’re worth
  • Use templates and tools to work quickly, project a professional image and be seen as a qualified expert
  • Package your services to avoid the dreaded 'hourly rate' method and earn more than ever before
  • Develop the resilience, confidence and courage to overcome impostor syndrome and fear of failure
  • Get 'written for you' scripts, proposals and templates to fast track your success

Course module outlines

Quit the rat race, become a digital nomad, follow your passion and earn great money doing it!  Discover just how easy it is to make money from copywriting.  Our proven business blueprint for success will give you the confidence to build your business, work with clients, charge what you're worth and enjoy every minute of your day. 

Estimated time: 20 hours

Video modules

Getting started:

Mindset, motivation

and money

Video Module 1

  • How to develop a mindset for success
  • How to establish your personal goals 
  • Tips for how to find the right niche for you
  • How to choose the right name for your business
  • The top 3 business structures that best suit a copywriting business 
  • Your 'quick-start' guide to getting started

How to set up your home-based freelance

Module 2

  • Top tools needed to launch your home based freelance copywriting business
  • How to transition from full-time work to freelance
  • To insure or not insure? That is the question - we have the answers
  • How to overcome procrastination, eliminate writer's block, and rookie writing errors

How to market
your business

Module 3

  • How to create a personal brand
  • 5 ways to create a point of sustainable difference
  • How to create your marketing toolkit
  • Techniques for building a database from scratch
  • How to find your first client 
  • Working for free? Tips on how to make it worth your while and get what you need

Getting paid:
The business of
making money

Module 4

  • How to speak to clients, quote for work and get paid what you're worth
  • Pre-written scripts to navigate the pricing discussion
  • What to charge and how to package your services
  • The top 15 ways to find copywriting work
  • Best online copywriting job sites for freelancers

How to develop strategic alliances and build passive income streams

Module 5

  • How to build your publishing empire
  • Content Marketing - how to make it work for you
  • Scaleable marketing - what is it and how to do it
  • 17 strategies for building strategic alliances and finding new clients
  • How to network strategically to find like-minded collaborators, clients and connections

Want more? You got it.  

Welcome to your 'Copywriting Business Compendium.'

10 downloadable, printable 'deep dive' eBooks for your reading pleasure + Copywriting Proposal Templates +  Invoicing Templates + 120-page 'swipe file' of award-winning advertisements.

How to set up your freelance copywriting business

How to set up your freelance copywriting business

  • How to establish your own personal goals for your business and position yourself as a copywriter
  • The tools you need to set up your business
  • Choosing a name for your business
  • How to apply for an ABN and GST
  • Personal qualities needed to be a successful copywriter

How to find work as a freelancer

How to find work as a freelancer

  • Strategies for finding new clients
  • How to create your client database
  • How to use your existing career experience to get work
  • How to build confidence as a new copywriter
  • How to use PR to find new clients
  • How to create ‘speculative’ ads to find new clients
  • How to create your personal ‘infomercial’
  • The power of referrals

How to find work in a creative agency

How to find work in a creative agency

  • Strategies for finding work in an advertising agency
  • How to get your ‘foot in the door’
  • How to apply for industry-based training programmes
  • How to cold-call and make appointments with Creative Directors
  • How and where to network with ad agency executives
  • How to create your portfolio

The creative brief

The Creative Brief:

  • What a creative brief is, why it’s used and how to complete it
  • The importance of Contact Reports
  • Versions of the brief: long and short
  • Samples of creative briefs
  • Fail-proof cheat sheets and templates

How to come
up with great ideas

How to come up with great ideas

  • How to avoid procrastination and get started
  • How to develop your own creative process
  • How to be creative: a 7-step process to instant creativity
  • 6 innovative ways to come up with an idea
  • Copywriters on creativity: how award-winning writers create ideas
  • 9 ways to avoid writer’s block
  • Breaking the boundaries of advertising – BMW Case Study
  • Unconditional and conditional offers you can use

How to write and use PR

How to write and use PR

  • The Master Formula for PR
  • How to create PR for your own copywriting business as well as your clients
  • How to build a database of people with whom you’d like to do business
  • How to regularly communicate with every person on your database
  • How to get your name in the news
  • How to write and present media releases
  • Case Study: The Mosman Mini-Mosmarathon

Invoicing the client

Invoicing the client

  • How much to charge for your work
  • How to invoice clients for copywriting work
  • How to book media space for clients
  • How to collect money from clients
  • How to work with graphic designers

Presenting work to the client

Presenting work to the client

  • How to present work to a client
  • 13 phrases to avoid when presenting your work to the client
  • How to write a Creative Rationale
  • How to format a:
  • Brochure
  • Direct Marketing Letter
  • TV Commercial
  • Radio Script

Putting it all together

Putting it all together

  • How to find a ‘Guest Client’ – you’ll receive scripts, sample letters, templates and personal, one-on-one guidance to assist you in finding your first client
  • Sample letters to send to new prospects
  • Telephone scripts to source new business
  • A step-by-step guide to working with your first client
  • How to build your database
  • How to build your business networks
  • Other courses to help you build your business

The ad pack: How to write:

The ad pack: How to write:

  • A sub-headline that expands on the headline
  • Succinct body copy that’s fluid and informative
  • A relevant and targeted offer
  • A clear Call To Action
  • Evidence/Proof Of Claim
  • Easy identification of the product and client name
  • A memorable tagline


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