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Has anyone ever told you to market your business on LinkedIn, but you didn’t know how? Well, that is about to change as we take you on a fun and enlightening journey through the key elements of LinkedIn to help you generate new leads for your copywriting, coaching or consultancy business with ease.

You will discover how to build a strong LinkedIn presence as you learn your way around the LinkedIn platform, establishing strategic business practices to support you in making an impact in your field.

Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt, and Adam Franklin, one of Australia’s leading LinkedIn coaches, will embark on a journey with you to uncover the deepest, shiniest secrets of LinkedIn. Together you will expand your knowledge and build your confidence to harness the true power LinkedIn can offer to grow your business.

And, as it that won’t be fun enough! You will have “Brenda Brown” (our fictional character), CFO by day and copywriter by night, to join you on the adventure. The struggle of moonlighting two occupations is real and, let’s face it, an absolute headache when it comes to how to manage and maintain your day job profile while promoting your side hustle. 

How do you do that? Tricky, but imminently achievable.

All will be revealed in LinkedIn for copywriters, coaches, and consultants. The most exciting thing is that you have a front-row seat to the extraordinary opportunities LinkedIn has to offer. 

Imagine this… over 8 modules you will:

  • Discover that LinkedIn is not such a scary place after all, as you dive deeply into the platform's capabilities and implement strategies that attract your clients like bees to honey, knocking down your door to work with you.
  • Stop dabbling and start strategically harnessing LinkedIn to build a database of high paying clients so you can say ‘no’ to annoying small jobs that leave you feeling drained, overworked and underpaid.
  • Master the art of making an impact as you confidently show up on LinkedIn, creating and sharing content aligned to your message leaving behind your doubts of saying the wrong thing and making the wrong impression.
  • Say goodbye to ‘LinkedIn overwhelm’ as you move (effortlessly) through LinkedIn’s services and align them to suit your business needs, increasing your online presence and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. 
  • Make LinkedIn work for you so you can focus on what you do best (serving your clients) and nail retainers with a select band of professionals who value your high-quality work.
  • Learn how to automate your lead generation to create consistent income, take back control, free up your time, and create a lifestyle that allows you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Become an expert LinkedIn copywriter today:

These modules are jam-packed with the processes, systems and strategies that you need to get your head around LinkedIn, so you can become confident in your messaging, build strong relationships with key stakeholders and generate new lead - fast.

There are loads of easy to watch videos (you will want to binge-watch them!), accessible chunks of content and pre-written scripts that help you to create your LinkedIn strategy, using the know/like/trust concept to showcase you and your brand. You will receive checklists, cheat sheets, guides and plans to make the whole process effortless, giving you time back in your day.

No matter your level of expertise, this course is geared from beginner to expert and everywhere in between. It’s high vibe and high value because we want to see you succeed!

Estimated time: 25 hours


(inc GST)

Video modules

Getting started with LinkedIn

Video Module 1:

A great place to start, this module provides you with the basics for creating and managing your LinkedIn profile. It is valuable for beginners who don’t have a LinkedIn account and want to learn how to manipulate your newsfeed to see more valuable content. No one wants a boring newsfeed!

  • How to set up a LinkedIn profile from scratch
  • How to retrieve a password if your email is already in use on LinkedIn
  • How to retrieve a LinkedIn account
  • What happens when you first log in to LinkedIn
  • Why is all this crap appearing on my LinkedIn newsfeed?
  • Additional resources to help you get your head around everything LinkedIn
  • How to use the LinkedIn cover story function to leverage video
  • Additional resources to support you make an impact with your brand

Branding your profile

Video Module 2:

Your LinkedIn profile is the first touchpoint a potential lead may have with your business and is an opportunity to showcase your brand. It allows your prospects to get a sneak peek of who you are and why you would be of value to their business. This module will help you put your best foot forward, creating a profile that is attractive to your clients, aligning the design with your messaging and wrapping it up nicely with your vision for your business.

  • How to create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile
  • How to take a cool profile photo on your phone and upload it to LinkedIn
  • How to remove the background from your LinkedIn profile photo
  • How to crop and put a circle around your LinkedIn profile photo
  • How to create a custom background banner for your LinkedIn profile
  • How to add your company logo to your LinkedIn profile

Writing your profile

Video Module 3:

This module will help you write an eye catching LinkedIn headline and experience section so that you generate more engagement (and sales). You have mere moments to attract your ideal clients attention and keep them interested. This is the place to do that, and we show you the exact steps to do it with a bit of ka-pow. You will learn the difference between a personal profile and a LinkedIn page and importantly, how to manage your day job profile and promote your business simultaneously.

  • How to set up and write your LinkedIn profile - headline and experience
  • How to write content for the LinkedIn about section
  • How to fill out the experience section of your LinkedIn profile
  • How to edit the experience section of your LinkedIn profile
  • How to set up a company page on LinkedIn
  • How to write for your LinkedIn company page and about section

your online presence

Video Module 4:

This is where we get to the nitty gritty of how to harness the power of LinkedIn and how the use of critical features will promote your work and drive your engagement rates through the roof. We will cover how to amplify your personal brand with a few simple steps such as hashtags, shares and comments.

  • How to use the LinkedIn featured section to amplify your personal brand and credential statement
  • How to leverage your ‘viewed profiles’ on LinkedIn
  • How to calculate your opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Create your dream 1000 client list
  • How to find your ideal clients using LinkedIn sales navigator
  • How to ask for and get recommendations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn 5 step nurture program

Video Module 5:

In this module you will discover the LinkedIn 5 step nurture program to source leads, create connections, build relationships and position yourself as a trusted authority and nurture them through to sale (cha-ching baby!).

  • Steps 1 to 5 of the LinkedIn nurture program
  • How to apply the LinkedIn 5 step nurture program
  • Additional resources to support your understanding and application of the LinkedIn 5 step nurture program
  • How to use hashtags to amplify your online presence
  • How to use ‘share’ and ‘comments’ features to promote your work
  • Additional resources to showcase your online presence with success

LinkedIn events, stories and creator

Video Module 6:

We dive deeply into content creation through the various mediums available on LinkedIn. They are underused yet incredibly powerful tools to demand attention with remarkable results. Promoting your business has never been so easy and so much fun! It’s time to play with the cool kids. Plus, you will make more connections and drive conversations that lead to lucrative opportunities. 

  • How to use LinkedIn events to promote your business
  • How to use the LinkedIn creator functionality
  • How to use LinkedIn newsletters
  • How to use LinkedIn live
  • How to use LinkedIn voice and video messaging
  • How to use LinkedIn stories
  • Additional resources to help you show up, get attention with remarkable results.

Publishing content on LinkedIn

Video Module 7:

This module makes creating content a breeze. Knowing the top 5 types of content being devoured on LinkedIn makes creating it so much easier (and fun). You will gain access to loads of content creation tools such as content ideas generation, content planning and publishing templates.

  • Top 5 content formats for LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn content rhythm and planning
  • LinkedIn polls
  • Additional resources to help you publish content that raises engagement and gets sales rolling in


Video Module 8:

You don't have to have a marketing degree to understand LinkedIn analytics. This module highlights precisely the areas you need to utilise the data to measure your success and improve your bottom line. It’s a lot simpler than you think!

  • How to navigate the LinkedIn analytics dashboard
  • How to use the LinkedIn analytics dashboard to measure and assess your posts


You’ll receive 2 X 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt (45 mins) and leading LinkedIn Coach Adam Franklin (30 mins).

You will get:

  • Easy to apply next steps to quickly bring in paying clients via LinkedIn.
  • Access to work opportunities.
  • Tips and tricks on making your LinkedIn experience a lucrative one.
  • Coaching on overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • An open forum for questions and advice.


Marketing your

business with 


  • Web marketing that works book
  • Better public speaking guide
  • Bluewire marketing methodology
  • Buyer persona template
  • Communication schedule template
  • Email sales copy template
  • Inbound marketing flight plan
  • Inbound marketing methodology
  • Lead magnet checklist
  • Marketing methodology
  • Unpack your IP guide
  • Weekly momentum tracker template

Social media


that works.

  • Facebook 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Google+ 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Pinterest 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Twitter 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Twitter cheat sheet
  • Social media planning template
  • Negative comments response template
  • Social media template (for speakers)

Strategise, design
and market
your website
with ease

(and epic results)

  • Landing page design template
  • SEO planning template
  • Web marketing 30 point checklist
  • Web marketing health check template
  • Web marketing report template
  • Web strategy planning template
  • Website checklist for graphic designers
  • Website content collaboration template
  • WordPress shortcuts template

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