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Want to use LinkedIn like a pro, but don't know where to start? You're in the right place. 

Get ready for a transformative journey as we guide you through the key elements of LinkedIn and show you how to generate new leads for your copywriting, coaching, or consultancy business with ease.

Join Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt and Australia's leading LinkedIn coach Adam Franklin as they reveal the deepest, shiniest secrets of LinkedIn. Together, you'll learn how to build a strong LinkedIn presence and establish strategic business practices that will help you make an impact in your field.

And the best part? You'll be joined by Brenda Brown, our fictional CFO and moonlighting copywriter. She'll share her experiences and struggles of managing two occupations, and show you how to maintain your day job profile while promoting your side hustle.

Over 8 modules, you'll discover that LinkedIn is not as scary as it seems. You'll dive deeply into the platform's capabilities and learn how to:

  • implement strategies that attract high-paying clients
  • leave behind small jobs that drain you both mentally and financially
  • say goodbye to 'LinkedIn overwhelm' and confidently show up on LinkedIn
  • create and share content that aligns with your message
  • automate your lead generation to create consistent income
  • free up your time, and create a lifestyle that allows you more of what you want and less of what you don't
  • stop dabbling and start strategically harnessing LinkedIn to build a database of high-paying clients
  • become an expert in your field and position yourself as a thought leader
  • make a measurable impact with your messaging
  • access over 33 templates and ‘done for you’ scripts to fast track your LinkedIn processes and procedures

Enrol in ‘LinkedIn for copywriters, coaches, and consultants’ and get ready to attract clients like bees to honey. It's time to take back control, focus on what you do best, and nail those retainers with a select band of professionals who value your high-quality work.

Are you struggling to make an impact on LinkedIn? It's time to level up  your game!

Our expert-led modules are jam-packed with the processes, systems, and strategies you need to confidently craft compelling messages, build strong relationships with key stakeholders, and generate new leads in record time.

With easy-to-watch videos, pre-written scripts, and helpful checklists, our course makes it effortless to create a winning LinkedIn strategy that showcases you and your brand.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we've got you covered. Don't wait - become an expert LinkedIn copywriter today!

Estimated time: 25 hours


(inc GST)

Video modules

Getting started with LinkedIn

Video Module 1:

Start your LinkedIn journey off right with this module! Whether you're new to the platform or want to refresh your skills, you'll learn the basics of creating and managing your profile, and how to optimise your newsfeed to see only the best content.

You'll learn how to:

  • Set up a killer LinkedIn profile from scratch
  • Retrieve a forgotten password or account
  • Demystify the LinkedIn login process
  • Say goodbye to boring newsfeeds and hello to valuable content
  • Harness the power of video with LinkedIn's cover story feature
  • Access additional resources to help your brand stand out from the crowd

Branding your profile

Video Module 2:

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression a potential lead may have of your business. It's your chance to showcase your brand and make a lasting impact. In this module, you will learn how to create a profile page that aligns with your message and vision, and is visually attractive to your target audience.

You'll learn how to:

  • Craft a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile
  • Capture a cool profile photo on your phone and upload it to LinkedIn
  • Remove the background from your profile photo for a polished look
  • Add a circle crop to your profile photo for a professional finish
  • Design a custom background banner that highlights your brand
  • Incorporate your company logo into your LinkedIn profile

Writing your profile

Video Module 3:

Get ready to grab your ideal client's attention and generate more sales. With this module, you'll learn the secrets of crafting an attention-grabbing headline and 'Experience' section that keeps prospects interested. Plus, we'll show you how to differentiate between personal and company profiles and manage both simultaneously. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Set up and write your LinkedIn profile's ‘Headline’ and ‘Experience’ section
  • Write content for the ‘About’ section of your profile
  • Create and optimise your company page on LinkedIn
  • Complete the 'Featured' section 
  • Increase your followers
  • Promote your company page 

your online presence

Video Module 4:

It’s time to unleash the full power of LinkedIn! In this module, we'll show you how to use key features to skyrocket your engagement rates and build your personal brand. Discover the secrets of using hashtags, shares, and comments to get noticed.

You'll learn how to:

  • Showcase your skills with the LinkedIn ‘featured’ section and ‘credential statement’
  • Make the most of your ‘viewed profiles’ on LinkedIn
  • Identify potential opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Create your ideal client list with the ‘Dream 1000’ process
  • Find and connect with your ideal clients using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Ask for and receive powerful recommendations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn 5 step nurture program

Video Module 5:

Discover how to source leads, build relationships, and position yourself as a trusted authority using our LinkedIn 5-step nurture program. Leverage the Like-Know-Trust process so you know what content to write, how to share it and how to amplify its reach.

You'll learn how to:

  • Take your prospects from initial contact to a sale.
  • Use hashtags to amplify your online presence
  • Use the 'share' and 'comment' features to promote your work
  • Leverage the scripts you need to write quickly without effort
  • Access additional resources to showcase your online presence with impact

LinkedIn events, stories and creator

Video Module 6:

Unleash the power of content creation through the underutilised yet incredibly powerful tools available on LinkedIn. Demand attention with remarkable results while making connections and driving conversations that lead to lucrative opportunities.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Use LinkedIn ‘Events’ to promote your business
  • Unlock the power of LinkedIn’s ‘Creator’ functionality
  • Use LinkedIn newsletters for effective communication
  • Engage with your audience using LinkedIn ‘Live’
  • Leverage LinkedIn ‘voice’ and ‘video’ messaging to communicate with clarity
  • Showcase LinkedIn ‘Stories’ to elevate your brand

Publishing content on LinkedIn

Video Module 7:

Creating content on LinkedIn can be a breeze! We'll show you the top 5 content formats that are being devoured by users, making it easier (and fun) to create them.  

You'll learn how to:

  • Use the top 5 content formats for LinkedIn
  • Plan your LinkedIn content rhythm
  • Use LinkedIn ‘Polls’ to engage your audience
  • Fast track your planning by using templates, calendars and ‘done for you’ scripts
  • Use LinkedIn’s built-in tools to help you publish content that raises engagement and drives sales
  • Use content calendars to schedule your content
  • Access publishing templates to fast track the writing process


Video Module 8:

Mastering LinkedIn analytics has never been simpler. Discover the easy tips you need to measure success and boost your bottom line.

You'll learn how to:

  • Navigate the LinkedIn analytics dashboard like a pro
  • Understand the key metrics you need to know to measure your success on LinkedIn
  • Interpret and use LinkedIn analytics data to improve your content strategy
  • Use LinkedIn’s powerful filters to generate new leads and unlock the full potential of its lead generation capability
  • Access additional resources to help you optimise your LinkedIn analytics for better engagement and conversions


You’ll receive 2 X 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt (45 mins) and leading LinkedIn Coach Adam Franklin (30 mins).

You will get:

  • Easy to apply next steps to quickly bring in paying clients via LinkedIn.
  • Access to work opportunities.
  • Tips and tricks on making your LinkedIn experience a lucrative one.
  • Coaching on overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • An open forum for questions and advice.


Marketing your

business with 


  • Web marketing that works book
  • Better public speaking guide
  • Bluewire marketing methodology
  • Buyer persona template
  • Communication schedule template
  • Email sales copy template
  • Inbound marketing flight plan
  • Inbound marketing methodology
  • Lead magnet checklist
  • Marketing methodology
  • Unpack your IP guide
  • Weekly momentum tracker template

Social media


that works.

  • Facebook 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Google+ 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Pinterest 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Twitter 5 minute daily marketing plan
  • Twitter cheat sheet
  • Social media planning template
  • Negative comments response template
  • Social media template (for speakers)

Strategise, design
and market
your website
with ease

(and epic results)

  • Landing page design template
  • SEO planning template
  • Web marketing 30 point checklist
  • Web marketing health check template
  • Web marketing report template
  • Web strategy planning template
  • Website checklist for graphic designers
  • Website content collaboration template
  • WordPress shortcuts template

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