SEO copywriting

Learn how to write Search Engine Optimised copy that improves your Google ranking, attracts quality traffic and increases conversion rates. This non-technical, copy-focused course gives you a tangible skill and the confidence to charge premium rates for your work.

Learn at your own pace
3-4 hours per week

Upskill quickly and future-proof your copywriting career

2 x personalised 1-on-1 calls with your expert tutor

Become a highly paid SEO copywriter and future-proof your career.

Create a point of difference by upskilling as an SEO copywriter.
It's easy to learn, clients need it, the future is bright and you can charge a premium for your work. What' s not to like? Best of all, you don't need to be a tech-ey kind of person.  If you can use Word, you can be an SEO copywriter.

SEO (search engine optimisation) copywriting is the art of writing words that enable websites to be found on Google.  It's a little known fact but the copy on a website plays a major role in how a website shows up on Google.  In this course, you'll learn how to write copy for on-page and off-page SEO, conduct keyword planning, write long tail and short tail copy, create optimised meta tags, SEO your blogs and become an expert SEO copywriter.  You’ll be able to charge premium rates for your services and develop a highly-sought after niche in the market of your choice.

Whether you're a copywriter getting started, a web developer, PR consultant, journalist or content creator, this course will give you a competitive edge. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the world of Google, search engine optimisation and keywords to write copy that ranks on page one of Google
  • Write copy for the top 10 'hotspots' that impact a Google rank
  • Write copy and develop marketing strategies for on- and off-page SEO 
  • Conduct keyword planning and competitive research to find the best, most competitive keywords for your client
  • Craft a user experience that increases time on site, reduces bounce rates and heightens engagement
  • Uncover your competitor's keywords, SEO strategies and drive your website to a higher ranking
  • Understand important tech tools like Google Analytics, Yoast and Domain Authorities to gain a competitive edge
  • Integrate the principles of SEO into all aspects of your content marketing operation and publishing empire
  • Make money as an SEO copywriter, present as a qualified professional and create a meaningful point of difference

Course module outlines

There's never been a better time to reinvent yourself.  Get in on the ground floor - yes, there's still time - and become a highly paid SEO copywriter.  Getting on page one of Google has never been more important. Enrol today and find out how it's done.

Estimated time: 20 hours

Video modules

Introduction to SEO copywriting

Video Module 1

  • Introduction to SEO copywriting
  • How does Google work anyway? A 101 primer.
  • Black hat and white hat copy techniques
  • How to write SEO copy for home pages, landing pages, lead pages and more
  • The power of well written meta tags and how to write them

Structuring and writing effective SEO content

Video Module 2

  • The 7 steps to writing great SEO copy
  • How to write SEO copy for headlines, hyperlinks, alt-text images and other SEO hotspots
  • Understanding marketing and email funnels
  • How to map a customer journey and write copy for each step of the way
  • How to write conversion copy that increases sales 

Keyword research and planning

Video Module 3

  • How to conduct keyword research and access the range of keyword planning tool
  • Best practice tools for fine tuning your keywords
  • How to automate your SEO writing process
  • Uncover your competitors keywords
  • How to incorporate keywords into every aspect of the marketing funnel

SEO copywriting tools of the trade

Video Module 4

  • How to leverage the power of back links, write copy for them and build a back link strategy
  • Secrets of Google Analytics and other online tracking tools and tips
  • How to identify your Domain Authority score (and steps to take to improve it)
  • How to get the most from Google Search Console and use it to increase your ranking

SEO blogging and content marketing

Video Module 5

  • A 101 Introduction to Content Marketing
  • How to launch your Content Marketing strategy
  • Strategies for creating Topic Clusters, Pillar Content and repurposing content for maximum SEO impact
  • Creating SEO content for social media
  • Using storytelling templates to generate engaging copy for website, videos, blogs and email

How to make money from SEO copywriting

Bonus: Module 6

  • How to make money from SEO copywriting
  • Pre-written scripts to use when negotiating pricing
  • Tried and tested script template for converting prospects into paid clients
  • How to turn one job into multiple jobs
  • Strategies for building rapport, getting buy-in and overcoming objections

Introduction to ChatGPT


Bonus: Module 7

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What can you ask it to do?
  • What roles will be impacted?
  • Benefits of ChatGPT
  • Opportunities ChatGPT provides
  • Advice on using AI
  • How to talk to clients about using ChatGPT
  • Marketing prompts
  • Creating summaries
  • Help with creativity, writer’s block and motivation
  • Tips on getting started
  • Demonstration: ChatGPT
  • How to detect AI copy
  • Demonstration: Jasper

How to write an SEO blog


Bonus: Module 8

  • Write an SEO blog using Matt Farmer's (Content Manager at StudioHawk) 'paint by number' guide
  • Do keyword research and select the right keywords for your client
  • Put the keywords in the right place and order
  • Understand H1, H2 and H3s
  • Increase your page authority
  • Increase your backlinks to get more love from Google
  • Download the Ultimate SEO blog template


2 x 45 minute personal coaching sessions with Copy School founder Bernadette Schwerdt

Few copywriting courses offer direct access to the course creator. Ours does. We know that this personalised advice helps many copywriters break through their limiting beliefs, uncover unseen opportunities and provide the guidance needed to see quick success.

Access to a mentor like Bernadette Schwerdt makes all the difference to your copywriting success and it's the # 1 reason students choose this course over all the others.

These calls alone are worth the cost of the copywriting course.  Your one-to-one sessions with Bernadette enable you to get:

  • Feedback on your work
  • Access to work opportunities from Bernadette's network
  • Direct solutions to the blocks that are holding you back
  • Personal, tailored advice on your specific issues and situation
  • Advice and guidance from one of Australia's most experienced and trusted authorities on freelance copywriting

Bernadette charges 10x times the cost of this course to speak at a conference so if you want the best advice for a fraction of its true cost, enrol today and book your call.

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