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Love words? Want a flexible career? Welcome to copywriting. Get paid to write words that sell and explore your creativity. Work from home, whenever it suits. Start your copywriting career today.

Learn to write copy from the founder of Australia's #1 copywriting school. 20+ years experience. 10,000 students. 

Meet your award-winning tutor Bernadette Schwerdt. Join her network, access her wisdom and fast-track your writing journey. Created by an Australian for Australian copywriters and conditions.

Copywriting courses that turn curious writers into well-paid copywriters.

Online courses | Instant access | Self paced
Estimate: 20-25 hours duration per course


for profit  

Learn the craft of copywriting from scratch. Build your confidence, brush up on your technique and become a skilled copywriter. The perfect introduction to writing words that sell.

  • Learn to write for all mediums - web, blogs, social, email, fliers, sales pages, landing pages, sales letters and more
  • 2 x personal coaching calls with your tutor Bernadette Schwerdt
  • 6 modules: videos, templates, checklists, ebooks, guides
  • Retrain, reinvent and reimagine life as a fully trained copywriter


Get paid
to write

A practical and proven guide to setting up a thriving freelance copywriting business. Learn how to attract new clients, build your online brand, and live the freelancer life.

  • Learn how to build your home-based freelance business 
  • 2 x personal coaching calls with your tutor Bernadette Schwerdt
  • Develop the right confidence, mindset and attitude to succeed
  • Build your portfolio, niche your service and earn more 


SEO Copywriting

Learn how to write Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy that puts brands and businesses on page one of Google. Build your confidence, develop a practical skill and charge more.

  • Discover the basics of SEO, how to write optimised copy and how you can upskill to charge top dollar
  • A deep dive into Google Keywords and how to use them to your advantage
  • Tools and technology to leverage your work to its competitive edge
  • SEO blogging and content marketing 101


Deluxe Package Offer

Can't decide what course to do? Get our three flagship courses for just $1297 (a saving of a $1094) and get 'Copywriting for Profit', 'Get Paid to Write' and 'SEO Copywriting'. 

about our payment


Enrol in our Deluxe package and get our three most popular courses for only $1,297 (save $1094!) 


LinkedIn for Copywriters & Consultants 

Learn how to use LinkedIn with confidence, automate your lead generation, find new clients and expand your online presence.

  • Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn more efficiently?
  • Do you want to explore the full potential of LinkedIn so you can use it with confidence?
  • Do you want to create a pipeline of qualified clients cost effectively, and without much effort?
  • Learn how to navigate the LinkedIn dashboard AND write copy for LinkedIn


Email marketing and Copywriting

Learn how to write email copy and use email marketing to build a list, nurture leads, create content people want, and sell more.

  • Learn how create and write email marketing campaigns that get results
  • 2 x personal coaching calls with your tutor Bernadette Schwerdt
  • 8 modules: videos, templates, checklists, case studies, masterclasses and more
  • Become a confident, highly paid email strategist and email copywriter 


The Guest Client Experience  

A 6-week online coaching program for ambitious copywriters who need help getting started.

  • Kick start your copywriting career
  • Meet real clients in a safe, fun and friendly environment
  • Build your copywriting portfolio
  • Receive personal instruction and coaching from some of Australia's top copywriters
  • Live online sessions


Bernadette Schwerdt | COPYWRITER | COACH | AUTHOR 

Bernadette is an award-winning Australian entrepreneur, author, speaker and advertising copywriter.  

She is the founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, and is the country’s leading copywriting coach.

Her flagship copywriting courses have helped over 10,000 business owners and freelance writers create content that has placed them at the top of their field and on page one of Google.

Prior to her business career, she was a professional actor and appeared in some of Australia’s most iconic shows including Neighbours, The Games, Round the Twist, Winners and Losers and Jack Irish, and worked alongside Margot Robbie, Guy Pearce and many others.

She was a former senior account director and copywriter for global advertising agency Wunderman Cato Johnson, and created award-winning campaigns for clients such as Apple, Amex, Optus and Colgate. 

She has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing, is an accredited MBTI and NLP practitioner and has lectured in marketing, consumer psychology and digital marketing at Melbourne University, RMIT, Swinburne and Victoria University.

She is a celebrated TEDx Speaker, a regular on ABC radio, Channel Nine, and Sky News and is the author of four best-selling business books.  

She was recently named in the Top 50 Small Business Leaders in Australia. 

Learn more here.

Want more? 

Enjoy these videos that reveal, 'How to find your first copywriting client', and 'How to charge for your copywriting work'. 

How to charge for your copywriting work

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Copywriting rate card
  • How much should you charge?
  • Find out what others charge
  • Get paid what you're worth
Top 30 headline formulas
  • Proven formulas that work
  • Watch conversions soar
  • Get your swipe file now
Elevator pitch script
  • Take the stress out of pitching
  • Convert prospects into clients
  • Access the script template now
Copywriting rate card
  • How much should you charge?
  • Find out what others charge here
  • Get paid your worth.
Top 30 headline
  • Proven formulas that work
  • Watch conversations soar
  • Get your swipe file now.
Elevator pitch
  • Take the stress out of pitching
  • Convert prospects into clients
  • Access the template now

20+ years | 10,000 students | Our courses get results  

We've helped launch the careers of some of Australia's most successful copywriters, digital marketers, creative directors and freelancers. Find out how and why they got started here.


Caetamo Lima

Thanks for providing a Home Study course for copywriting that is exactly what I needed. You covered every aspect of copywriting from start to finish. I recommend Bernadette to anyone looking to getting into copywriting...and this is coming from someone who now makes a living from it. Cheers once again!

Caetamo Lima Copywriter, WordSell Copywriting Services

David Whiteley

As a student of Bernadette Schwerdt's Australian School of Copywriting I’m thrilled to recommend the course and her honest, enthusiastic desire to help people find opportunities in the copywriting business.

For anyone who enjoys writing and has an interest in marketing ideas I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Australian School of Copywriting as an excellent way to explore a new career path.

I think the advertising for the course is spot on. You can study the modules in your own time when you're most motivated and you get terrific value for the money you spend.

I'm always wary of signing up to an online course that promises the world but I found the copywriting school to be both immensely practical and enjoyable, a hugely informative and relevant course with a sharp focus on real world industry knowledge.

Bernadette was always available for a chat or on email and went out of her way to help me navigate a career path.

On several occasions, she forwarded job and work experience opportunities, one of which has led to a permanent part time position that has given me a foothold into the copywriting trade.

Even though I'm now busy with paid copywriting work I fully intend to continue studying at the school as it has inspired me to deepen my understanding and engagement with the industry.

David Whiteley Copyeditor and Content Producer at The Thrive Project

Andrew Lau

Bernadette's online copywriting course was easy to follow and understand; a great digital presentation. Her voice was engaging and her wisdom around copywriting to emphasise features and benefits was truly helpful. When you send her your work, her feedback is honest and straightforward. There's no fuss, no fibs. The best way to learn. I'm now running my own copywriting business and Bernadette was a large part of the equation that made this possible.

Andrew Lau SEO Copywriter

Rebecca Christensen

I am a busy part time freelance copywriter, with plenty of work, and a flexible and satisfying job which I can comfortably do around my three young children.

This success is due, in a very large part, to Bernadette and is why I have no hesitation in recommending her to others considering her services in any form.

Bernadette's comprehensive home study course included not only what was essential a copywriting bible, full of information, including theory, examples and practical exercises, it also offered practical tips on how to start a business, and several coaching calls with Bernadette herself, to add clarity, give feedback and help maintain enthusiasm.

Changing career and starting my own business wasn't easy, but Bernadette made me feel positive, shared her amazing copywriting skills, gave me faith in my ability as a writer, and kept me focused on my goal of a successful part time business.

Rebecca Christensen Communications Officer

Jo Roberts

Around 18 months ago, I didn’t really know what copywriting was. I was looking for a new direction in my career after almost 20 years of teaching and training. On a whim, I decided to enrol in one of Bernadette’s Copywriting courses. I loved the idea of copywriting from the very first task (creating a small advert for Platform shoes for men!) and this then led me to do all of Bernadette’s courses including the excellent Client Experience course.

After these courses, I followed the advice: I got an ABN, got a business name, started to look for clients, but then the self-doubt crept in to actually start my own business and my momentum lulled a bit.

Soon after, I started talking to a friend who has a Training Centre and she took me on as her Social Media Manager. I started using all my new copywriting skills to create adverts, flyers, newsletters, emails and I also played a big role in updating her website. This has really boosted my confidence and it has given me the validation that I needed to push ahead with my new career direction.

At the end of last year, I attended the webinar ‘How to become an SEO copywriter’ put on by Bernadette. The guest speaker Matthew Farmer, Head of Content at StudioHawk SEO Agency, was very inspiring as he too had done Bernadette’s courses but struggled a bit at first to get established in this industry. I learnt a lot from him about SEO in a very short time, and my ears pricked up when he said he would be offering an internship at StudioHawk to past and present students of Australian School of Copywriting.

Fast forward to March and I couldn’t believe it when I received the email saying that I was one of the lucky ones to start an internship at StudioHawk. During the month of April, we had to write 2 pieces of SEO copy (1000 words each) for real clients based on a Creative Briefing Document. The constructive feedback that Matthew gave us has been so helpful in understanding SEO copywriting better and Matthew was also great at giving positive encouragement throughout. During this month, we also had online group meetings in which Matthew shared our strengths, weaknesses and tips for improvement.

Around 18 months ago, I didn’t really know what copywriting was. 18 months later, I’m very excited to be able to say that I have just become a Freelance Copywriter for StudioHawk, the largest SEO company in Australia.

Keep pushing, keep attending, keep listening, keep asking, keep believing in your skills.

Jo Roberts Freelance Copywriter

Ashling Kwok

When I decided to make the change from freelance journalism to copywriting, I wanted a comprehensive course that would teach me everything I needed to become a professional copywriter. I researched every option available and soon came to the conclusion that nothing matched the copywriting course provided by The Australian Copywriting School.

Bernadette’s course is the most detailed and informative around. It covers every topic imaginable, in a clear and effective manner. One of the best parts of the course is the mentorship calls with Bernadette. She is an endless source of knowledge and is always happy to share her experiences and offer support.

After completing this fabulous course, I now have the skills and confidence required to build my own business. I am extremely grateful to Bernadette and highly recommend The Australian Copywriting School to anyone looking for a brilliant copywriting course that will set them on the road to success.

Ashling Kwok Copywriter & Content Writer

James Perkins

Bernadette taught me remotely in two courses on copywriting. She narrated both online programmes and provided personal feedback on weekly assignments to each participant through additional sound recordings.

I've been a trainer for over 25 years, and it was immediately apparent to me that Bernadette is an expert trainer who knows what she's doing. She has an excellent, well-modulated speaking voice, which makes her fun to listen to. Her relaxed approach makes her seem less like a teacher and more like a friend giving advice, so it's easy to take her constructive criticism on board. She is patient and encouraging and occasionally uses gentle humour to get her point across. While she clearly knows she has been very successful in copywriting, her modesty and use of personal examples are both inspiring and instructive.

I really enjoyed both courses and would gladly work with her again.

James Perkins Koala Consulting and Training

Kate Crocker

I’m an SEO copywriter, legal content specialist and former lawyer. I help law firms and businesses attract more clients by creating engaging, insightful and reader-friendly website content. I did Bernadette’s GET PAID TO WRITE course and loved it. There are so many great things about this course.

I’m now a much more confident copywriter, I’ve established my business, and I can see improvements all the time. That’s helped me to earn a good income, establish a workflow and enjoy creating website content.

I especially loved the one-on-one coaching calls with Bernadette, in which I could ask all the questions that were unique to my business, talk about my website, discuss how to develop my career and work out how best to source the copywriting work that’s right for me.

I would recommend the course because it’s self-paced, doesn’t assume any pre-requisite knowledge and you can structure it in the way that best suits you.

Kate Crocker SEO Copywriter | Legal Content Specialist

Toni Wells

As a former practice manager turned copywriter, I was looking to build my own freelance copywriting business. Feeling nervous about my decision, I spent a lot of time comparing courses before I took the plunge and enrolled into Australian School of Copywriting. A very wise and smart decision to date.
I have found the deluxe pack (3 copywriting courses) very informative, well-structured and easy to understand. It equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be a successful writer and business owner.
Above all, Bernadette’s mentorship provided me with expert advice and the confidence to get my business up and running in just a few weeks. Quite simply, her enthusiasm and willingness to help is unlike anything I have experienced before. I highly recommend her courses to all aspiring writers. Most importantly, I highly recommend her to be your copywriting mentor.

Toni Wells Copywriter

Bernadette Beach

The course has given me both the skills and confidence to establish my own copywriting business and I am now living my passion and dream everyday.

I reached a point in my career where I was seeking a career change. Having owned two successful businesses, I wanted to utilise my many years of experience in business and marketing but use my passion and love for creating and writing.

After extensive research, I came across The Australian Copywriting School and knew straight away that this was the perfect course to learn copywriting skills.

The course material is easy to understand, gives you tonnes of examples of copywriting material and most importantly the skills and confidence to go out and be a copywriter.

Having loved the course so much, I had an even greater desire to further my knowledge and become the best copywriter I could be. What better way than to get one on one coaching from the best in the business. This is when I entered the Dream Team programme with Bernadette Schwerdt. The personal attention you receive is amazing through webinars, emails and coaching calls, as well as the opportunity of copywriting work.

The course and the Dream Team programme has given me both the skills and confidence to establish my own copywriting business and I am now living my passion and dream every day.

Bernadette Beach HR Consultant & Coach

Gemma Lumicisi

As a student of The Australian School of Copywriting, I highly recommend this course. I studied copywriting a way back when in university and I needed a refresher and to learn more about SEO copywriting also. This course gave me that and more. Bernadette's content is engaging, and it's exciting listening and watching her videos. Her templates and instructions on how to structure different types of copy are so valuable. Her coaching was brilliant, within the short time we had together we covered so much, and her excitement and genuineness to help were inspiring. This course gave me the confidence to finally start my own copywriting business just as I dreamt about for years. It gave me the fundamentals and belief that I needed. Thanks, Bernadette.

Gemma Lumicisi Owner founder & digital copywriter | SEO Specialist

Keith Hockton

I left the banking industry, completed the course and happily haven’t looked back since.

Although banking paid extremely well and I had an amazing lifestyle, travelling to different parts of the globe on a regular basis, I wasn’t happy. I would log on to your site from wherever I was working at that particular time, and read the testimonies of people who had completed your course and made the change. It was inspiring stuff!

As soon as I had made that decision I started to think and believe that maybe there was a way out and light at the end of the tunnel. A way to have the lifestyle I desired and to enjoy the work that I really wanted to do.

I left the banking industry and completed your course and happily haven’t looked back since. I now spend my time travelling between my home in Penang, Malaysia and discovering Asia when I’m in-between copywriting assignments.

The course opened my mind to so many industries and I find it easy to switch in-between industries when assignments come along.

Thanks to you and your course I now live the life that I have always wanted to live and I get paid for it too! Oh, did I mention that I’m happy!

Keith Hockton Business Innovation + Podcaster "There's Always Tea"

Content Team Manager, StudioHawk

I am the Content Team Manager with an award-winning SEO agency, writing SEO copy for blogs, web content, product landing pages, and more. I honestly would not be here today if it weren't for the Australian School of Copywriting and Bernadette.

Without Bernadette and her school, I wouldn't know what copywriting was, how to use it, how to value myself as a writer, and so many things. Her philosophy helped me through my years as a freelancer, it was the foundation that got me where I am today. I wouldn't have known copywriting without her.

Matthew Farmer Content Team Manager

Ben Keenan

Bernadette's courses were the gateway drug to my copywriting career (including winning 28 Cannes Lion Awards). I am the Interactive Creative Director at Clemenger BBDO, Head of Award School in Melbourne, and the Digital Creative Director at M+C Saatchi.

Ben Keenan Interactive Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO

Hubert Southall

Sharp, witty and wise, Bernadette is a gifted mentor. Her knowledge of all things copywriting is incredible. For me personally, the thing that's made the biggest difference is the guidance on developing business relationships. I consider Bernadette a trusted advisor.

Hubert Southall Head of Content and Communications, Amazon, USA

Meri Harli

Bernadette has been a major catalyst in my career. She has guided me from being an employee, to now a few years later running my own successful online marketing agency.

If it wasn't for Bernadette's Copywriting for Profit course, and also her one-on-one coaching I wouldn't be where I am today. The best thing that I learnt from her courses was not just the fundamentals of commercial online copywriting, but the basics of how to run my own business. These were the skills that really helped me to write winning proposals and grow my business from a financial point-of-view.

It's Bernadette's experience and years at the 'coal face' of advertising and marketing that make her guidance and expertise so invaluable. I recommend her courses and coaching services to not only my employees, but also to anyone who is seeking to further their career in the advertising and marketing sector.

Meri Harli Digital Marketing Director, SEO Expert, Content Strategist

Julia Natoli

I am forever grateful for enrolling in the Australian School of Copywriting courses. Without ASOC I would not have had the confidence to pursue my copywriting career. I will never hesitate to recommend the Australian School of Copywriting to anyone who is interested in copywriting.

That’s the thing, whether you’re an aspiring copywriter, or new to copywriting or have experience under your belt – the Australian School of Copywriting is there to assist you to ensure you have all the necessary tools for success. Thank you ASOC. Career and life-changing to say the least.

Julia Natoli Copywriter

Catherine James

I took Bernadette's copywriting courses after a year of trying to save my travel business.

I knew how to sell, and I loved writing, and it felt like a good fit, but I have to say I didn't believe I could do it until I booked my first client. I took Bernadette's advice and printed business cards with 'Copywriter' on them, and I faked it!

I started telling people I was launching a new business as a copywriter and explaining what I did. Eventually, someone believed me and invited me to a casual morning tea with other business women. I practised my 10-second pitch introducing myself as a copywriter and went along, although I was pretty nervous. It turned out to be a lovely morning, and as soon as I said I was a copywriter, one of the women exclaimed, 'Oh great, I need one of those!'

We worked together on the About Me section of her website for the first job, and she's booked me again for other refreshes of content she'd already written and to help with some lead generation posts. I was thrilled at the first job and even more thrilled with further work from her.

Catherine James Copywriter, Catherine James Creative

Lydia Atanasovski

Having Bernadette as a professional mentor has accelerated my confidence as a copywriter. Not only has it taken my mindset to a whole new level, it’s been hugely beneficial moving forward (particularly in the early stages of my career). If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, then participating in the Dream Team is an absolute must. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Lydia Atanasovski Freelance Copywriter

Doug Rotherham

Whether you’re a small business owner, or an aspiring copywriter, knowing how to write more than just 'good' copy is critical.

It can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. As a scientist-turned-copywriter and small business owner, my journey started with a course at the Australian School of Copywriting.

After completing two of Bernadette’s excellent courses, I was selected as a member of her highly regarded ‘Dreamteam’ mentoring programme. And by following Bernadette’s step-by-step strategies and advice, I had my own freelance copywriting business up and running in a matter of weeks! Plus, the ongoing training and support kept me on track while giving me the knowledge and skills to take my business and writing to the next level.

More recently I’ve taken over a ‘clicks-and-mortar’ business that’s seen strong growth in the face of tough retail conditions. Put simply, I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking that first step and enrolling in a course with the Australian School of Copywriting. It’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.

Doug Rotherham UX Writer | Content Designer

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