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  • Learn how to write words that sell
  • Turn your passion for writing into a career
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Copywriting Courses: Get paid to do what you love – writing!

Copywriting courses for those who want to write for a living but can’t get started

The Australian School of Copywriting was established in 2001 and has produced some of Australia’s most successful freelance copywriters, many who have gone on to set up highly profitable, global copywriting businesses. Others have used the training to become skilled in-house copywriters for advertising agencies, large corporations, not-for-profits, or to use their new-found copywriting skills to write copy for their own business. If you’re interested in creating a flexible lifestyle as a professional copywriter, or learning how to write copy to promote your own business, we have a range of online courses to help you achieve your goals.


Copywriting Rate Card

Copywriting Rate Card

How much should you charge?
Find out what others charge here
Get paid what you’re worth



Top 30 Headline Formulas

Proven formulas that work
Watch conversions soar
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Elevator Pitch Template

Take the stress out of pitching
Convert prospects into clients
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Learn the art of writing words that sell to promote your online (or offline) business or learn how to become a paid copywriter. Bernadette’s students get work, make money and are living the life of their dreams.

Whatever course you choose, you can rest assured you’ll gain expert guidance, set out in easy to understand terms and with loads of ideas you can easily implement into your business.

Learn How To Write

Learn How To Write

Write copy like a professional:
Learn how to use formulas, templates
and cheat sheets to write quality copy
(for all mediums) that people will pay for.



Get Paid To Write

A practical guide to setting up a freelance copy-writing business:
Learn the inside success secrets to building a home-based, freelance copywriting business on a budget.



SEO Copywriting

Get found online:
Learn the tips and tricks of SEO Copywriting to help you rank well on Google.



Listed here are some direct quotes from students who’ve finished one of our courses and gone on to create thriving, successful copywriting businesses. These testimonials are from real people, giving real feedback about our copywriting courses and sharing their success stories.

Hire A Professional

We have a team of professionals ready and waiting to help you look great, sound great and be great!

We can help you:

  • Write your copy: our team of copywriters and content creators can write copy that delivers results, on time and on budget. We do it all – web, blogs, brochures, video scripts, sales letters and more.
  • Train your team: our team of writing trainers can come to your office and train your team on how to write like a professional. All material is customised to your needs. Half day and one day courses available.
  • Presentation Skills: need to present a speech, a pitch or an idea to a panel of two or a cast of thousands? Our team of presentation skills experts will help you write your content and then show you how to deliver it like a professional.
  • Marketing strategy: can’t work out why sales aren’t happening? Need help getting the sales register singing? Let our marketing strategists work out what’s wrong, show you how to fix it and then set it up so that it runs like clockwork.


Our promise is simple. If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with the value you receive from us, simply let us know within 30-days and we will personally refund every cent of your investment and part as friends. There’s no risk to you whatsoever. This course has been in operation since 2001 and has been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life, with no writing or business experience at all, become highly successful copywriters. We hope it can do the same for you too. Try us out. We stand behind our course and believe it has the potential to change your life. But you have to do it to find out! You have nothing to lose.

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