EP 42: How to charge for your copywriting work

Podcasts, Uncategorized on August 29, 2022

Charging the right fee for your copywriting services can be a hit and miss affair. Some people charge thousands and have no trouble finding clients. Others charge a pittance and can’t get a sale.

What’s the difference?

Here’s the truth - it’s not what you charge, it’s how you charge. Sure, your hourly rate or project fee is hugely important and can determine if you get the job or not. But it’s how that fee is framed that makes all the difference.

In this podcast we cover:

  • The four main ways to charge for your work
  • The pros and cons of each method
  • How to move from free to fee as quickly as possible
  • Why we linger too long in the world of ‘free’ for too long
  • What to charge for your work
  • How to talk to clients about your fees
  • The three levels of ‘competence and confidence’
  • When and why you should take out insurance
  • How to work with difficult people and when to say ‘no’ to toxic clients

Download the Definitive Copywriters' Rate Card here.