EP 38: How to transition from teaching to full-time copywriting

Podcasts on June 6, 2022

There’s a reason lots of English teachers become copywriters! They’re good with words, know how to communicate and they know how to deal with unruly people. The perfect skillset for copywriting. In this podcast, Emma shares with us her journey from English teacher to copywriter, how she overcame a lack of confidence to put herself out there as a copywriter, how she used a simple spreadsheet to generate leads and why copywriting is the prefect job for mothers of young children.

We talk about how she:

  • transitioned from teacher to copywriter
  • launched her business using a basic spreadsheet
  • tapped into her local community network to find new clients
  • took any job she could – paid or unpaid - and why that strategy paid off
  • turns cold and warm leads into hot clients
  • aggregated her teaching skills to present herself as a qualified copywriter
  • built her website quickly and why that made a massive difference to her success
  • prices her copywriting services and why she publishes them publicly
  • gets paid for briefings and other ancillary services that add to her profit margin
  • turns down retainers and why she actively chooses to not take them on
  • uses Instagram to promote her business

Emma McMillan is an educator, copywriter, copy coach and podcast host. A former teacher of 12 years, Emma has run her successful copywriting business since 2016. She constantly strives for a work/life in flow, balancing fitness, creative pursuits and time with friends and family alongside her core business.

Emma believes every small business deserves great copy. In her work as a copy coach, she empowers individuals with the skills, confidence and accountability they need to connect authentically - and consistently - with their audience. Emma’s unique skillset gives her a deep understanding of both how people learn and the realities of small business life. As host of the podcast Not Just About Copy, Emma shares a mix of conversations on words and language along with practical coaching episodes on how to write better copy.