EP 37: How to articulate your value as a copywriter

Podcasts on May 18, 2022

Would you like to turn your passion for copywriting into a six figure income? Then listen up, because Nikhil Rughani – Copy Connoisseur – did just that and he joins us on this podcast episode to share how.

Did he have a background in copywriting?

Did he have a marketing degree?

Did he know someone who knew someone who gave him a break?

No. None of that. He worked in recruitment and had no copywriting experience at all.

Fast forward ten years and he’s now running a very successful digital marketing agency and copywriting agency, has some amazing clients, gets to work with the best of the best thought leaders in the coaching and service sector and absolutely loves what he does. And it all began when he completed my short course in copywriting. You’ll find out how he did it in just a moment.

In this podcast we cover:

  • How to launch a digital marketing business
  • How he got started
  • How to take a brief
  • How to automate the work
  • How to transition from one career to another
  • How to leverage skills in one industry to benefit your copywriting
  • How to use software to automate the onboarding of new clients
  • How to find your value
  • How to articulate your value so that price never becomes an issue
Nikhil has been a copywriter for over twenty years, improving the trajectory of businesses large and small. He holds a Bachelor of Political Science and Philosophy, and has vast experience working within politics, journalism, recruitment and digital marketing. Nikhil is a Master NLP Practitioner, a massive Star Wars fan, and he’s is driven by a need to support others as they make a positive contribution to the world.