EP 46: How to make $5,000 in 5 days by writing high-converting sales page copy

Podcasts on November 21, 2022

Dani Page started her career in the oil and gas fields of Canada and quickly realised ‘this is not going to work.’ It’s just too cold! So she did some digging, pardon the pun, found copywriting, and in particular copywriting for sales pages. She launched her business and within one year of leaving her full-time job, was earning over $100,000, and her business continues to grow year-on-year.

In this episode, she outlines how she got started, why she chose sales pages as her niche, the tricks and tips for writing high-performing sales pages, how you too can charge $5000 for 5 days of work, how to find clients, and much more.

In this podcast, you’ll discover:

  • How you could potentially charge clients as much as $5,000 for a high-converting sales page (as well as a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what a sales page is)
  • Why the course creation industry, worth over $319 billion by 2029, is chomping at the bit for sales page copywriters
  • 5 “Ride or Die” elements found in every multi-million-dollar sales page (virtually every unsuccessful sales page missed 1 of these key features)
  • The proven 10-part sales page formula you can “ethically steal” and reuse over and over again
  • How to leverage a 6-part welcome sequence to generate piping hot leads itchy to buy your products
  • How to sell your services to your clients (without sounding sleazy or unethical)
  • How to have the confidence to start working with bigger clients so you can charge more while working less
  • The clever way to guarantee your clients respond back to your emails within an hour
  • ‘How to never send an embarrassing, unwanted, and unopened cold email to a business ever again by delivering the “8 Point WCE” checklist
  • The simple way to get white-hot testimonials that instantly prove your credibility to your dream clients
  • A no-stress way to deal with constructive criticism (and transform an unhappy client into a repeat client)

About Dani:

Dani is a Launch Copywriter, Course Creator, and Copy Mentor for new and growing copywriters.

After abruptly quitting her 9-5 upon discovering copywriting, she hit 6-figures in her first year of business and continues to scale each year going forward. Since then, she’s now on a mission to help other aspiring copywriters create the same freedom, lifestyle, and impact that they desire, too.

As a previous professional athlete – her competitive side brings in big wins and shiny results for her students and community. She’s seen what the power of words can do, and is a trailblazer and cheerleader for others in the online space, helping them dream bigger and live happier.