EP 45: How to turn your passion for wine into copywriting profit

Podcasts on October 31, 2022

Ruth Megan started her life as a crystal healer. In her own words, she loves a bit of ‘whoo hoo’ in her life. But when she discovered that she could make a living from writing about wine, she decided to make that her career. She now spends her time visiting some of Australia’s top wineries, taste testing the best of the best and writing about it all. In Ruth’s own words: it is her dream job.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • How Ruth transitioned from being a crystal healer to a full-time copywriter
  • How she discovered her niche and summonsed the courage to apply for a job
  • Why you should always apply for a role, even if you don’t have the required experience
  • The top 5 questions you need to ask to source outrageously fantastic client testimonials
  • Why she is no longer fearful of asking for testimonials and why they are so powerful
  • Top tips for how to write an email sequence
  • The range of email sequences you could write
  • How she manages full time work and being a solo mum
  • The fears she had to overcome before fully committing to copywriting

About Ruth:

Ruth Megan is a freelance copywriter from Brisbane. She jumped headfirst into her business in 2018, working with clients worldwide.

She has worked with high-level entrepreneurs and businesses across several industries, including telecommunications, health and wellness, education, publishing and marketing. Creating words that leave an impression, build relationships and drive sales.

She specialises in meaningful and engaging content through blogs, landing pages, social media ads and websites. The pièce dè resistance of Ruth’s work is email marketing and her ability to create powerful campaigns with high open rates and sales conversions. She holds a whopping 47% open rate like a badge of honour!