EP 44: How to find more clients than you can handle (after only six months of starting out)

Podcasts on October 11, 2022

After six months of being a business, Helen Knight had more clients than she could poke a stick at. She emailed me to ask me if I had any copywriters I could refer to her and she has never looked back. What a wonderful way to kickstart your copywriting career.

In this episode, I talked to Helen about found all those clients and what she did in order to generate so much work she needed to outsource it. As a former English teacher at a prestigious school Helen did not have a business background so she was really starting from scratch but has gone on to create her dream job.

We talk about:

  • How she transitioned from teaching English into copywriting
  • Why English teachers make great copywriters (and why those skills are so transferable)
  • How she uses her passions and personal hobbies to find her ideal clients
  • How she started her side hustle
  • Why it only took nine months to get started
  • How she found her new source of clients
  • Why networking was more fun than she thought
  • The specific types of networking events she attended that generated new business for her
  • How she used her business card to find her first few clients (and saved money on marketing)
  • How she used the government NIES scheme to generate funding while she's got her business up and running
  • How she got over her fear of networking
  • Her elevator pitch and how she crafted it
  • The scripts and conversations she used to kickstart her client conversations
  • Why her attitude enabled her to succeed quickly
  • Why she loves copywriting and how it's changed her life.
  • Why women doubt themselves and techniques for dealing with imposter syndrome

About Helen Knight

Helen Knight is the owner of Knight Copywriting based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
She transitioned from teaching English in some of Sydney’s most prestigious private schools to copywriting at the end of 2021. Helen’s 13 years in education allowed her to develop her craft and learn the importance of grit and patience.

She has worked with a broad range of clients, from small businesses to large multinational companies and loves the variety of projects that copywriting brings.

When she’s not writing for clients, she’s a regular contributor to hyperlocal news site Manly Observer, focusing on human interest stories. She also enjoys ocean swimming and long walks with her dog, Holly.