EP 55: How to market your business on a budget

Podcasts on May 29, 2023

If you’re looking for practical strategies to transform your business and maximise customer growth this is the podcast for you.

Amy Miocevich is one of Australia’s leading digital marketers and the author of “The Very Good Marketing Guide: How to Grow Your Business on a Budget.”

In this episode I talk to Amy about the many ways that we as copywriters can market our businesses and do it on a budget.

Amy has created a simple yet powerful 5 step framework that maps out the customer journey, and turns strangers into devoted fans. If you don’t like doing business development but want a steady stream of consistent work, you’ll love what Amy has to say.

Here's what else we covered:

  • Discover a simple yet powerful framework for mapping the customer journey and turning strangers into devoted fans
  • Leverage your existing customer base by converting leads, re-engaging previous customers, and optimising sales processes
  • Prioritise areas that need improvement instead of chasing new initiatives that don’t deliver a result
  • Articulate the underlying value your business offers
  • Explore the “Leaky Bucket” concept and convert more leads without extra effort
  • Create a formal system for converting leads into customers
  • Deliver proposals on time and consider the client's preferred method of receiving the proposal to establish reliability
  • Provide additional value in proposals through relevant articles or examples, alternate pricing options, and a project timeline
  • Implement effective follow-up strategies

Don't miss this engaging episode to gain valuable insights and practical tips from Amy's book, helping you grow your business on a budget and optimise your marketing and sales efforts.


Amy Miocevich is a leading entrepreneur and founder of Lumos Marketing, an agency that works with small businesses to achieve their goals through The Very Good Marketing Framework, a proven marketing model that can turn strangers into loyal superfans of your business and brand. Amy has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of Australian small- and medium-sized enterprises and helped them generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional revenue. The Very Good Marketing Guide shows you how to do the same.

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