EP 74: How to be (more) creative with award-winning copywriter and art director Adrian Elton

Podcasts on July 8, 2024

Adrian Elton is an award-winning creative who has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Disney, Sesame Street, Australia Post, Fairfax and many others. Adrian’s career journey is as eclectic as it is inspiring. He started by studying interior design, transitioned to graphic design, evolved into an art director, became a musician, and finally found his calling as a copywriter. His work spans multiple sectors, and he’s known for his creative strategy and compelling copywriting. Tune in to discover how Adrian’s diverse background shapes his approach to copywriting and learn valuable tips for creating award-winning copy.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

1.How to Identify and Develop Your Creative Talents:

  • Discover the steps Adrian took to transition from interior design to graphic design, and eventually to copywriting.
  • Learn how diverse creative skills can be integrated and leveraged across different mediums.

2.How to Break Into the Copywriting Industry:

  • Gain insights into Adrian’s unconventional journey into copywriting and how he turned opportunities into long-term success.
  • Understand the importance of taking on different roles and projects to build a robust portfolio.

3.How to Create Impactful Brand Messages:

  • Explore Adrian’s approach to balancing design and copywriting to create powerful and cohesive brand narratives.
  • Learn the significance of headlines and brand positioning in advertising.

4.How to Leverage Short-Form Content:

  • Understand why Adrian prefers short, impactful copy and how to excel in creating concise and compelling messages.
  • Get tips on writing effective headlines and brand positioning lines.

5.How to Apply Creative Philosophies:

  • Discover the influence of Bauhaus architect Adolf Loos on Adrian’s work and the principle of “God is in the details.”
  • Learn how meticulousness in creative decisions can elevate the quality of your work.

6.How to Excel in Outdoor Advertising:

  • Learn why billboards and outdoor advertising are considered the primary unit of advertising
  • Get tips on how to craft messages that capture attention.

7.How to Use Songwriting to Enhance Copywriting:

  • Understand how songwriting helps develop a keen sense for language and rhythm in copywriting.
  • Learn the parallels between crafting lyrics and writing compelling ad copy.

8.How to Maintain Creative Momentum:

  • Learn the importance of continually practising and developing new ideas, even outside of client briefs.
  • Discover how personal projects can keep your creative skills sharp and lead to unexpected opportunities.

About Adrian:

Adrian Elton is an award-winning creative and copywriter who works in the advertising and brand development space.

For the past twenty years, he has run his own boutique agency, Adrian Elton Creative, and has worked with clients both locally in Australia and abroad. He also frequently consults to agencies in Melbourne and Sydney.

While he handles all of the creative roles for his own clients – from concepts right through to finished art trim-marks – he primarily works as a creative copywriter for agencies, developing the top-level concepts for pitches and live accounts.

His expertise includes creative strategy and direction, while his copywriting is underpinned by his extensive background as a graphic designer and art director.

His commercial experience spans across sectors, including automotive, industrial, legal, financial services, property, education, and the arts.

Adrian’s creative appetite is insatiable and there are always a slate of projects and pursuits that fall well beyond the world of advertising. Some of these have included working on original music at Abbey Road Studios in London and cameo acting in a Hollywood TV series called Preacher.

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