EP 66: How to build an online course

Podcasts on January 22, 2024

If you have a passion for a topic and would like to turn that passion into profit, you may want to build an online course so you can teach it.

Amber Renae is many things. She started out as an engineer and then pivoted, seamlessly into becoming a celebrity stylist. It’s a logical next step, isn’t it?

She quickly realised she has a talent for not just making people look good, but helping their content look good too and so she created a course that helped others monetise their expertise. She is now a leading specialist in helping entrepreneurs and influencers create online courses so they can live their dream life.

In this episode, we look at how to:

  • Get your online course up and running
  • Monetise your knowledge and expertise
  • Build a membership community (she has over 150,000 followers)
  • Use social media to build your personal brand
  • Write a Facebook advertisement
  • Manifest your dream life
  • Overcome adversity and turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Manage depression and anxiety

About Amber:

Civil Engineer, serial entrepreneur and TV star Amber Renae inspires women to build their Dream Life and Business.

Not only is she an icon for style, but she’s also an icon for women's empowerment, through her phenomenal entrepreneurial success story, having built three, 6-figure businesses in arguably the toughest Industries, she is passionate about sharing her advice, wisdom, and experiences to her peers and 150,000 strong global community.

Australia’s leading voice in E-Learning; Amber Renae educates thousands of students in all corners of the globe on a range of topics from entrepreneurship, digital marketing, influencer marketing, and the power of personal branding. She’s the star of the hit US reality show Dream Life which documents the creation of her latest e-learning project, and is the author of Dream Life: The Creative Entrepreneurs guide to Amplifying your Online Business and building your Dream Life

Mentioned in this episode: