Copywriting Tip #26: How to overcome procrastination

Sometimes writing can be a hard slog. It’s physically exhausting, mentally draining and time-consuming.

I’ve certainly felt this way, particularly during a long or tedious job writing copy for say, a tax compliance product. Or is that just me?

But of course, the show must go and the copy must get written so I’ve discovered some copywriting ‘hacks’ that get me through those sad, dark times so that I can get onto other more exciting jobs, like the ISO 9001 Accreditation Manual for the Conveyancing Sector.

I digress.

Here’s a few strategies I use to break up my day, bring joy to my writing and get stuff done.

Take a break

This is so easy. If I’m stuck and can’t move forward, I head off to my local coffee shop, order a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, large fries, a chocolate donut and a diet Coke (because I’m watching my weight) and vacuum it all up whilst I read that esteemed publication, the Herald Sun.

After an hour or so of this, I find I’m in a much better mood. I then go home to watch Netflix or the Shopping Channel and then I hit the desk and start writing again. Miraculously, the brain fog has faded and I can write again! Happy days.

Go for a bike ride

If the aforementioned coffee shop is not available, take the healthier route and get some exercise. I sometimes get on my trusty trike and ride around the local lake. The change of scenery and the wind in my hair changes my mood and energy levels and I can see the copy with a new perspective. 

Use music

I use this technique in the morning, especially if I’m tired. I simply crank up the stereo and play something motivating and within moments, I feel sufficiently motivated to hit the desk. Once I plant myself in my writing chair, I’m ready to go. Just getting to the chair can be challenging but once there, I’m on. Using music to get me there is the key.

Action: If you’re stuck in a ruck, change locations or use music to motivate you.