EP 50: How ChatGPT and human-centred design are changing the face of copywriting

Podcasts on February 13, 2023

Copywriters of the future! If you’d like to stay relevant, charge more and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and human-centred design to help you write your copy, this is the podcast for you!

Tait Ischia is a human-centred copywriter and designer who brings customer experiences to life through a combination of design, content and brand. He works at the cutting edge of copy where AI, design, psychology, strategy and advertising merge to create solutions for hard to fix, complex problems.

If you’ve ever wondered what the future of copywriting is and want to harness the opportunities created by these new technologies, listen up because Tait is going to reveal the opportunities (and threats) facing the copywriting industry today.

In the podcast, Tait outlines a case study featuring the Foundation for Young Australians and how his team worked across multiple disciplines to solve a large-scale copywriting challenge. If you’d like a masterclass in how to plot, plan and strategise a complex copywriting project, this is it.

In this podcast Tait and Bernadette talk about:

  • His new book, Copywrong to Copywriter, why he wrote it, who it’s for and how to get the most from it
  • What human centred design is, how copywriting fits into it and how the process can be used to identify and solve complex problems
  • The four-step process to implementing a human-centred design project
  • How to morph from copywriter to strategic content designer, the benefits of doing so, and the different kinds of high value work you will attract
  • How to set yourself up as a copywriter for the future
  • How the artificial intelligence chat bot ChatGPT is changing the day-to-day role of a copywriter
  • How to be transparent with clients about how, why and when you use ChatGPT
  • The copywriting jobs that ChatGPT will replace
  • The opportunities ChatGPT will provide for copywriters
  • How to get started on ChatGPT, what prompts to use and some examples of how Tait uses the platform to fast track low-level writing tasks

About Tait:
Tait Ischia is a copywriter, content strategist, and content experience designer from Melbourne, Australia. When he started out, he wrote radio, print, and TV ads. Now he plans, writes, and manages large website projects for big organisations with complex needs. He’s worked for gigantic multinationals, small businesses, arts organisations, ad agencies, start-ups, and the government. He’s also aware that most biographies tell you little about a person; this one is no exception.