EP 31: How to create landing pages that generate leads and sales

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

Landing pages are a powerful way to generate more leads and conversions. But what’s the best way to set them up? Email marketing expert Kelsey Johnson explains in today’s episode. Kelsey Johnson is a Product Marketing Manager at AWeber, one of the world’s leading email automation platforms. She specialises in helping entrepreneurs and side hustlers make more sales in less time through the power of email automation. Kelsey shares:

  • how to make a landing page work for copywriters
  • how to create and write an email welcome series
  • what that email sequence looks like
  • what each email needs to say and do
  • how often those emails need to be sent
  • how to keep your list active and engaged
  • how to use video on a landing page
  • how to test a landing page campaign.

If you’re a copywriter looking to use landing pages to promote yourself and your writing business, or you want to offer landing pages to your clients and get paid to do so, this is the podcast for you.