EP 64: The anxiety of the writing life

Podcasts on December 6, 2023

Anxiety. We all have it, or elements of it, but some of us have it more than others. Writers, it would seem, have more of it than most. In this revealing podcast, Kerri Sackville, one of Australia’s most prominent columnists and popular writers discusses her writing life, and in particular, her unique relationship to, and with anxiety – how it helps her, hinders her and why it’s the creative force that underpins much of her work.

In this podcast we cover:

  • How to build your personal brand by finding your writing voice
  • How to manage anxiety and overwhelm
  • Why journaling and exercise are critical for managing stress
  • The power of solitude to foster creativity
  • How to promote a book and use social media to harness the crowd
  • What success looks like, why we need to stop comparing and how to celebrate our personal wins
  • How to come up with ideas for a newspaper column
  • The writing process for fast-paced, quick-turnaround newspaper content
  • Why you should never read the comments on your articles

About Kerri:

Kerri Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, and social commentator. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The Sunday Times UK, SBS Life, news.com.au, mamamia.com, The Australian Women’s Weekly, and Prevention Magazine.

A long-time contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age and Sunday Life magazine, Kerri’s columns are regularly amongst the most widely read across the sites.

Kerri has written five works of non-fiction and contributed to three anthologies. Her latest book is The Secret Life of You: How a bit of alone time can change your life, relationships, and maybe the world (Pantera, 2023).

Kerri is a regular guest on ABC radio, commercial radio, and podcasts around the country. She lives in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with her kids and cat.

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