EP 69: How to add copyediting and proofreading to your suite of services

Podcasts on March 25, 2024

Would you like to add copy editing, project editing and proofing to your suite of services?

If so, then this is the episode for you.

Matt Davies is a leading copy editor. He specialises in the health care and government sectors and has created a thriving business that lets him work on his terms so that he has the time and space to pursue his true passion – writing novels. He’s already written three and he is just going from strength to strength.

In this episode, Matt outlines:

  • what a copyeditor does
  • the differences between copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading
  • the key skills and knowledge required to be a successful copy editor
  • how to balance paid work with creative work like writing novels
  • how to upskill so you can offer editing as a service
  • how to collaborate with other editors and clients when working on large scale projects like Royal Commissions and government policies
  • the challenges and strategies involved in creating accessible documents for individuals with disabilities
  • how to stay updated on industry trends and best practices in copywriting, copyediting, and accessibility standards
  • how to edit to ensure your work meets web useability guidelines
  • why the Australian Style Guide manual is an essential tool of the trade for editors and how to access it for free
  • the future trends and developments in copyediting
  • how to write your first chapter to hook those all-important publishers.

About Matt:

Matt Davies has been working full time as a professional writer and editor since 2006.

Since starting his freelance business, Matt has written or edited hundreds of documents for various government agencies and private-sector clients. His services include copywriting, editing, web accessibility and proofreading.

Matt has ghostwritten several business books and copyedits university textbooks for medical, pharmacology and nursing students, having managed more than 20 of these book projects over the past 15 years.

Matt has also written dozens of scripts for health education videos. Topics have included depression, parenting with cancer, family violence, problem gambling and healthy eating for clients such as Beyond Blue, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, Peter Mac, the Royal Women’s, the Cancer Council and Nutrition Australia.

Matt also writes fiction. His first novel, This Thing of Darkness (for the young adult market), came out in 2018, followed by two novels for older readers: Things We Bury in 2022 and The Broken Wave in 2023.

Mentioned in this episode: