Why “The Intrigue” Headline Works Every Time

The purpose of the “Intrigue” headline is to create an air of curiosity about your service and to compel the customer to find out more.

Here are a few examples:

This one could be used by doctors (if they were allowed to advertise!):

  • Can You Pass The Cholesterol Test? You Could Be At Risk. Click Here To Take The Test.

This one’s for Osteopaths:

  • How Healthy Are Your Bones? Sign Up For Your Free Bone Density Test Here.

For Image Consultants:

  • Do You Know What Colour Best Suits You? Don’t Buy Another Thing Until You’ve Done This Test. Click Here Now.

This one’s for Psychologists:

  • Are You Scared Of Flying? Cure Your Fear Of Flying In Just 2 Hours.

In my next blog, I’ll show you how to use a formula that positions you as an expert.