How To Write Copy That Cuts Through The Clutter

Experts say we’re exposed to over 3000 advertising messages a day so it’s fair to say it’s pretty hard to get people’s attention. However, by using this ‘Attention’ formula, you can cut through the clutter and get the focus of the people you’re targeting.

The best way to do this is to mention your target market in the headline. This way, when they’re reading it, they’ll see it straight away, and they’ll respond. Sure, you’ll lose people who aren’t in that particular target market, but 50% of 100% is better than none at all.

(I find that business owners are very reluctant to narrow their targeting in their marketing. This is a big mistake. When owners write advertisements that cater for everyone, they cater for no one. They end up with ‘motherhood’ statements or advertisements that are so broad and generalised that they cease to have any impact.)

Using our school entertainer as a case study, here’s a headline you could have:

  • “Attention, Teachers! Are You Thinking Of Hiring An Entertainer For Your School? Don’t Do A Thing Until You Read This Report.”

Here’s how it works for other products:

  • This one could promote a bank: A Warning To The Self Employed: Don’t Take Out A Low-Doc Home Loan Before Reading This Important Document.
  • This one’s for real estate investors: Property Owners – 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Inner City Apartments.
  • This one could be used by landscape gardeners: Tennis Court Owners – Do You Hate Mowing Your Court?
  • This one’s for recruitment: Attention, Nurses! You Are In Demand. Click Here To Find Out Why.

In my next blog, I’ll show you a headline formula that literally forces people to make contact with you. It’s so powerful you’ll want to use it immediately.