Here’s How ‘A Current Affair’ Uses Headline Formulas

This headline formula is based on the principle that some expert has exclusive information or insider knowledge that will translate into a benefit for the reader.

Tabloid shows like A Current Affair and Today Tonight use these headlines to promote their shows each night, and the viewers tune in by the millions. Here’s why.

You see, no matter what the topic, everybody wants the inside running on how to solve problems. All you have to do is know your target market and then find a problem that bothers them.

For tabloid shows, it’s mostly about making money, saving money, avoiding a scam or losing weight. The message becomes even more compelling when the message is coming from an expert.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Little Known Ways To Lose Weight (And Keep It Off ).”
  • “Little Known Ways To Avoid Bank Fees.”
  • “10 Things You Need To Know About Car Insurance For Seniors.”
  • “Secrets of Hollywood Stylists – What You Need To Know To Stay In Style.”

Using our schools entertainment show as a case study, here’s a headline you could use:

  • “Little Known Ways To Get Free Teacher Manuals Filled With Games And Ideas For Grades 1-5.”

This one could promote a phone retailer:

  • “Little Known Ways To Save On Your Mobile Phone Bill.”

This one could be used by computer sellers:

  • “Little Known Ways To Get Free Software.”

This one would be great to promote a conveyancing lawyer:

  • “Little Known Ways To Save On Stamp Duty.”

Travel agents could use this quite effectively:

  • “Little Known Ways To Get Free Holidays.”

The next headline formula is so easy to use, and you can literally create attention in seconds. It’s called the Numbers headline, and I’ll share it with you in my next blog.