Copywriting Tip #10: Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help with your copywriting business

If you’re committed to growing your database and you’re already a busy person, you may need help with your admin. For example, you may have a top drawer filled with business cards from your networking efforts. Those cards are great but sitting in a drawer won’t get you any clients.

I know it seems decadent, especially if you haven’t got any clients yet, but hiring someone to help you data enter the business cards into your database could be the one thing you need to help you get moving. 

One of the best moves I ever made was hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA only gets paid for the work they do. They work remotely (generally) and are skilled at what they do, so they can do it more quickly than most and do it well. If you know in your heart that you won’t sit down and manually enter that business card data in your database, then bite the bullet, hire a VA for an hour a week and start putting that data to work for you. 

Action: Google Virtual Assistant and get a quote to see how much it will cost you to hire a VA for one hour a week.