Copywriting Tip #9: Create a compelling offer for your copywriting services

Now that you’re committed to growing your database, you’ll need to offer prospective clients something in return for their data. Your objective should be to educate them about the value you bring, and you do that by offering them entertaining and useful content. 

It could be a cheat sheet, a checklist, a web audit, a template or a ‘how to’ guide. Make it relevant to them and try to solve a key problem they have, and they’ll be thankful for it. 

You don’t even need to write or create this content yourself. Check out for great eBooks and templates you can offer your clients. It’ll have Hubspot branding on it, so it won’t promote you personally, but the client will appreciate the content and the fact it came from you. If you want to promote your thought leadership, write something yourself and brand it with your logo. 

The important thing is to offer great content that’s valuable and get it to your prospect as quickly as possible.

Action: Check out and choose two or three resources you can offer to your prospective clients.