Copywriting Tip #6: Start local to build your copywriting business

Students often ask me if they should look for copywriting work from America or Asia. My first question to them is, ‘Why? Why go so far afield when there are tonnes of work to be had right here, much of it on your doorstep?’  

Most business owners want to do business with people they know or like. That’s why you should always start local and work from there. For example, I guarantee you that if you are a parent and you have a child playing footy or netball, there’s a parent in that cohort who needs your copywriting help. If they don’t, I bet the footy or netball club do, and if they don’t, I guarantee you the primary school or kinder does.

Check those websites, newsletters or social media channels and see how consistent they are with updating their copy and distributing content. The club president would no doubt be delighted to see the club’s marketing collateral updated by a talented writer. Not only that, by being part of the club committee, you’d meet new people who will quickly see what you can offer and start referring you as the ‘go-to’ copywriter to their colleagues.

PS: You could turn the project into a profitable exercise and see if their sponsorship proposals need updating. Some clubs offer a commission for any sponsorship dollars a parent can attract.

Action: Research the websites of your local football, netball or sporting club to see if their web pages, email newsletter or social media channels would benefit from your copywriting expertise.