How To Write Headlines Using Questions (And Why They Work So Well)

Asking questions in a headline is always a great idea because it forces the customer to consider your proposition, whether they want to or not.

Before I can go on – can I just ask a quick question – are you hot or cold right now? Sorry – that was a trick question.

Whichever way you answered, you probably considered the question at least for a second, didn’t you?
You see, whether we like it or not, when we are asked a question, our brains strive to answer it.

The same goes for questions in headlines.

Using our schools entertainment show as an example, you could have asked:

  • “Are You Tired Of Teaching? Take A Morning Off And Let Us Take Over Your Class – Your Students Will Love It – And So Will Your Principal. Find Out How By Ringing …”

Here are a few other examples using other products:

  • This one could be used to promote an accountant: Are You Worried About Being Audited By The Tax Department?
  • This one’s for a seniors’ club: Are You Tired Of Being Alone Every Saturday Night?
  • This one’s for parenting experts: Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Kids?
  • This one’s for diet products: Have You Ever Wondered How Hollywood Stars Stay So Slim?

Check out the next blog to discover how the ‘Quick and Easy’ headline formula works. This is one of the most popular formulas and easily one of the most effective.