How To Create An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Part 2 – Conditional Offers

Offers, or incentives, are designed to make the customer choose you over another.

There are two types of offers – conditional and unconditional. We’ve looked at unconditional in the last blog – now let’s look at conditional offers.

This is when you have to buy something to receive the offer.

For example:

If you sell bikes, a free bike helmet with every bike sold could be just what they need to choose you over the other bike store across the road.

If you’re in the hotel venue business, why not offer a free wedding cake when they book their reception with you.

If you sell flowers, why not include a box of chocolates with every order over $80.

You see, it’s the little things that count and by offering something that the competitors don’t, they’ll always choose you over the others – even if you’re more expensive.

Sometimes people just need a reason to go with your and giving them something for nothing, even something small and inexpensive, is what they need to help them make a decision.