Copywriting Tip #2: Get your copywriting business cards printed

Now that you’ve given yourself permission to become a copywriter, it’s time to take action and get a bit more serious. If someone you talk to says, ‘Wow! You’re a copywriter. How convenient. I’ve been looking for one,’ the next thing they’re going to ask is, ‘Have you got a card?’  If you don’t have one, you’ll have to fumble around in your bag to find a pen and paper to swap details. Messy. Go to your local printer or Vistaprint and order 100 business cards with ‘Copywriter’ listed as your occupation. Nothing will set you up in the minds of others as a copywriter as quickly as this. This is THE key to getting work.

By the way, most people won’t even ask to see your portfolio – they will take you at face value – so don’t worry about having some work to show. They are buying YOU, not your work at this stage. (If you want work in an ad agency, it’s a different story).

Oh, and don’t get seduced into saying, “I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn.’ Sure, it’s a connection but nothing beats having a business card. Once you have a few cards, you have the beginnings of a database. More on that later.

So what are you waiting for? Ring that printer or go to to order your cards.

Action: Go online to or your local printer and order 100 business cards today.