Copywriting Tip #3: Choose a name and logo quickly for your copywriting business

Most writers are pretty good at procrastinating. I speak with authority. My sock drawer and pantry are never as tidy as when I have a major deadline looming. Novice copywriters often procrastinate when they choose their business name and logo. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t major in minors. The name of your business and the colour of your logo won’t win you (or lose you) any clients. The key is to get started and get those business cards printed.

All you need is your first and last name, an email, a mobile and a dinky little image to put on the card to give a bit of colour. What will get you clients is getting that card into other people’s hands. The business name, the website, the ABN, and the company structure can all wait. If you wait for all those elements to be ready, you’ll waste six months of valuable prospecting time. In the meanwhile, you could have sourced six clients who will help fund the website build.

Keep it simple and use your own name as your business name for now and get those cards printed.

Action: If you haven’t already got a business name, just use your own name to start with.