Copywriting Tip #4: Find a space to work as a copywriter

If you’re going to be a copywriter, you’ll need a place to write, so take time to set up a space in your home where you can work. The kitchen table is not ideal as you’ll constantly need to move your stuff every time you sit down to eat. A spare bedroom is ideal, or even your own bedroom if space is limited. You’ll need quiet, so you’ll need to tell everyone in the household that if they want to eat and have a roof to live under, they’ll need to keep the telly down.

You’ll probably need largish blocks of hours to work. It takes about an hour to get going after finishing the more important tasks like washing the dishes, dusting and sorting out the sock drawer. Once you’ve started, you’ll lose track of time and get into the zone and won’t want to stop. This is a good space to be in, so try to extend that for as long as possible. Set yourself up with a good, fast computer, a keyboard that suits you, a fast internet connection, a printer, a mobile phone, a comfy chair, and a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge if you can afford it.

Sure, the set-up may cost you a bit (especially the view of the Bridge), but when you consider that it costs virtually nothing to buy into the business of being a copywriter, it’s not much to invest.

Start looking for a ‘room of your own’ to work in. If you can’t find one, try the local library.

Action: Find a space in your home or local café/library where you can write.