Copywriting Tip #18: Do the hard stuff first

There’s a wonderful book I recommend you buy or borrow. It’s called ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen.

It was written ages ago but it’s still very relevant. One of his key messages is that if you want to be super efficient and get the most from your day, you should do the ‘hard things first’.

For example, if you know your tax is due but you’ve been procrastinating, do it first as it’s the last thing you feel like doing. The benefit? Once you’ve knocked that off your list, no matter what happens, the day has been a success.

The opposite applies too.

If you don’t do that hard thing first, you’ll subconsciously be thinking of it all day, it’ll drain your energy and you’ll still have to do it the next day.

Yes, it takes discipline to do the hard things first but if you truly want to enjoy running your own business, learning how to prioritise and do what needs to be done is a muscle you need to develop.

Action: Make a list of all the ‘hard things’ you’ve been putting off, prioritise the ones that need doing most and start it today.