Who’s Your Most Threatening Competitor? If You Don’t Know, You Should.

In my last blog, I mentioned the example of the Events Manager who discovered that she doesn’t just ‘manage events’ but is instead, a ‘Connector’ who helps clients connect in fun, engaging and profitable ways.

When she’s out networking, she now has a much higher chance of getting work because people can see clearly the benefit in what she offers.

Being a ‘Connector’ versus an ‘Events Manager’ are two different occupations so she has effectively redefined the industry she is in, and along with that, her competitors.

You see, when you know what business you’re in, it opens up lots of opportunities but it also shows you how many competitors you really have.

On that note, do you ever take the time to find out what your competitors are doing?

Do you even know who your competitors are?

It never ceases to amaze me that people set up a business and haven’t got the foggiest idea who their competition is.

I find this quite disturbing because if you don’t know who your competitors are, the odds are high that your customers do – I mean, they’re not silly. They’ve done their research and have worked out where you sit amongst your competitors in terms of price, quality and service – so if you don’t know this information, how can you possibly create a unique selling proposition, a pricing policy or a customer service policy that’s better than the others? You don’t operate in a vacuum – you need to know what others are doing.

Here’s a challenge for you. Go online right now and Google your business and find out who else comes up – ring them up and do some shadow shopping to find out how good they are at what they do.

You’ll either be pleasantly surprised to find you’re a cut above the rest or horribly disappointed to discover that you’re overpriced, under-resourced and way out of your league.

Which one are you?

Take a moment to find out now and I’ll see you next time to show you why collaboration is better than competition.