How To Write Copy That Makes People Buy.

Once you’ve worked out why people buy you and your product, you can incorporate it into your copy for brochures, emails, website or any material you distribute to your customers.

Let’s say you sell life insurance.

If you didn’t know why people bought this product, you might write a script that said:

“AMC Insurance offers life insurance, income protection and permanent disability. We have a product to suit all your needs. Call us to discuss how we can help you.” Pretty boring, right? I don’t think many people will be buying that product in a hurry.

But if we knew why people bought life insurance, our copy would be completely different. It might go something like:

“You love your family. And they love you. Imagine how devastated they’d be if something happened to you.

Now, I’m really laying the emotional baggage on pretty thick here, but you get my point, right? Don’t promote the features such as life insurance, trauma, income protection etc. – promote the benefits of what people will get when they buy you.

Imagine how devastated you’d be if you knew that you could have protected them, but you didn’t because you didn’t get around to taking out life insurance.

Accidents happen. Make sure your family is protected in case you have one. We sincerely hope you don’t, but you need to protect them in case you do.

Call us now and find out how you can have life insurance for as little as 41 cents a day. Isn’t your peace of mind worth 41 cents a day?”

If you’re a bit confused about what the benefits and features are, check out my next blog.