Copywriting Tip #22: Find a niche

I often get asked ‘Should I niche my copywriting service?’.

Only you can answer that but here are some pros and cons of doing so.


Niching to target a specific group will enable you to market your business more effectively. For example, it’s easier to find networking groups to attend if you know who you’re targeting. If you’re a ‘financial services copywriter’ it would be easy to find suitable events to attend than if you were just a ‘general’ copywriter.  


If you niche, you will lose some opportunities to write for those who fall outside your niche. That’s not to say you can’t write for them, but if your website states you’re a ‘financial services’ copywriter, then other businesses who aren’t in financial services may not choose you.

My tip.

If you already have a profession, it’s worth exploring that sector to start with. You already know it, have contacts in the industry and can speak with authority about the topic. Start with what you know and go from there.

Once you establish a client base and have some money coming through the door, you can start targeting other sectors.

Action: Think about a topic you already know a lot about and start targeting clients in that sector.