How to write a guest blog

Copywriting Tip #14: Write a guest blog

If you’re like most novice copywriters, you don’t have any clients. A quick way to build your database and get people interested in what you do is to guest blog for another site and leverage their database to build your database.

How does it work? First up, you’ll need to find a site you can write for; a site that has a complimentary customer base that could use your services. E.g. a coach, a printer, a graphic designer, a coworking space.

What will you write about? The topic needs to be about your service – copywriting – but in the context of how copywriting in general can assist them. Think 80% educational, 20% promotional. Be of as much value as you can and at the end of the story, list your biog details – name, website, email, and a good offer e.g. a download, a report, etc. that they can access if they go to your website.  

If they respond to your offer, you now have permission to market to them (until they unsubscribe) and you’ve just increased your database and your opportunity to turn that person into a client.

Guest blogging is a fast, cheap and effective way to build your database, build your networks and increase your chances of developing a hot lead.

Knowing how to design a basic flier will also help you create your own marketing fliers to promote your own business. You can apply the skills to help make your social media posts look more professional.

Action: Go online and research what websites might accept a guest blog. Choose a site you admire, enjoy reading or has a good-sized database.