Copywriting Tip #28: Commit to learning

At some point in your copywriting career, you’ll hit the wall. You’ll find that you can’t progress or that everything feels hard and tiresome.

When I feel this way, I know the best way to overcome it is to invest in further learning.

This further learning could be related to copywriting – it could mean upskilling in learning how to become an SEO copywriter, learning how to build a WordPress website or learning how to use LinkedIn.

Committing to being a lifelong learner is great because:

1) It gets you out of the house and in contact with others.

2) It increases your skillset so you can be a more successful business owner.

3) It increases your network and puts you in contact with prospective clients.

4) It keeps you engaged with the world and builds confidence in your abilities.

5) Anything you spend on professional development is tax deductible.

Being a copywriter means being in touch with the world and all it has to offer. Being committed to a lifetime of learning is good for you and good for your business. 

Action: Enrol in a short course.