EP 09: Former Showpo CMO Mark Baartse on copywriting robots and making digital marketing simple

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

Mark Baartse is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Showpo, the online fashion retailer, and digital marketer extraordinaire. Nominated in the top 50 CMOs in Australia, credited with increasing Showpo’s revenue by 400% in three years, and growing the marketing team from 1 person (him) to 18, Mark knows more about digital marketing than most. In this episode, he talks to us about:

  • the trends in marketing that copywriters really need to know about
  • the role Artificial Intelligence is playing in automating the writing process
  • some clever strategies he uses to simplify complex marketing briefs
  • the questions he asks his clients that keep things real
  • what all good copywriters should be learning right now
  • how he likes to work with copywriters
  • what he looks for when hiring copywriters
  • and much more.