EP 08: AirBNB copywriter Shannon Crowe on launching a freelance copywriting career

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

Airbnb, Snickers, Lexus, Libra, World Health Organisation - these are just some of the blue-chip copywriting clients Shannon Crowe has worked with during her illustrious advertising career.

Recently ranked at #8 on the list for the World’s Most Awarded copywriters, Shannon kicked off her career studying graphic design and photography and at the ‘ancient’ age (in ad agency land) of 29 she landed her first copywriting job with Grey Advertising. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, as a single mum bringing up her little boy in suburban Melbourne, she’s left agency life to become a freelance copywriter and is loving every second of it.

In this episode, Shannon takes us through:

  • Some of the award-winning work she created
  • How to work effectively with clients
  • Her career highlights (being flown to Cannes to attend glittering award ceremonies),
  • The low lights (realising that agency hours would never be compatible with being a mum and needing to find a new way to work),
  • Tips on how to overcome the fear of the blank page
  • Managing impostor syndrome and creative anxiety
  • Advice for how to build your portfolio when you don’t have any experience
  • Her Tasmanian Writers Retreat and how to be a part of it.