EP 10: Arts publicist supremo Alison Dunn on how she landed a $30K LinkedIn writing gig

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

I was so impressed with the way Alison implemented the learnings from my copywriting course, I invited her onto my podcast, ‘So you want to be a copywriter’, so she could share her secrets with others seeking to launch their copywriting business. Please take a listen, discover more about the secrets of success from this very inspiring woman and maybe, just maybe, you too may hear (and respond to) that little voice within that is calling you to make the ‘third act’ of your life the best yet.

In this episode, Alison talks about how she:

  • Launched her new copywriting business from scratch
  • Landed a $30k writing contract via LinkedIn
  • Reframed past work experiences to position herself as a successful copywriter
  • Leverages the ‘copywriting life’ to fulfil the ‘third act’ of her life
  • Repackaged her skill sets to be of value to her previous clients