EP 18: How to transition from journalism to copywriting and double your income

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

Glenn Peters started out as a music journalist, turned to copywriting in his mid-thirties and has never looked back. He is now one of Australia’s busiest copywriters and is consistently rated by the top creative directors as their copywriter of choice.

He’s worked with Jeep, Crikey, ANZ, Telstra, Coles and writes for almost every medium – long copy, short copy, online, print, TV, radio, direct response and more. There’s not much he hasn’t done in his long and illustrious copywriting career.

In this episode he talks to us about:

  • where he finds copywriting inspiration when he’s stuck for ideas or lost for words
  • how he came into copywriting late in his career (and why starting late was an asset, not a liability)
  • why he prefers copywriting to journalism (and why copywriters get paid so much more)
  • when (and where) he found his ‘identity as a copywriter
  • how to give ourselves permission to be a copywriter
  • the ‘war’ between copywriters, ‘suits’ and clients and copywriters and how empathy can be the superpower that resolves the conflict
  • the power of long walks to generate creative inspiration and why his ‘art walks’ fuel his creative energy
  • how to make your copy more active (hint: get rid of words that end with ‘ing’)
  • why clients are as scared of you (the copywriter) as you are of them
  • how to inspire the client to be more honest with you and give you more helpful feedback
  • why fear is a critical component of creativity
  • why deadlines are a good thing
  • tips on how to write long copy, create a ‘tone of voice’ and how to write copy that’s funny