EP 26: How an Australian actor landed his dream job in a hot ad agency

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

Even if you have zero knowledge about copywriting, you can reinvent yourself and land the job of your dreams. Discover how Louis Lucente did just that by doing a copywriting course at the Australian Writers' Centre. One year on, he’s working with some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Louis Lucente is one of Australia’s finest musical theatre stars. The lure of creating a side hustle to supplement his acting work had been niggling at Louis for years, so when lockdown came along and he had time to stop and think, he knew that now was the time to get started.

Within a year, he went from having zero knowledge of copywriting to creating a successful freelance copywriting business, to landing the job of his dreams with one of Melbourne’s hottest creative ad agencies and working on some of Australia’s biggest brands.

We talked about:

  • How he got started as a copywriter
  • How he found his first few copywriting clients
  • How he landed a job in an advertising agency
  • The connection between acting, theatre, creativity and copywriting and how they intersect
  • How to work with clients or products when you are ethically challenged