A free 5-part video series for emerging copywriters:

How to use Canva to create your copywriting portfolio & proposals.

Canva for Copywriters:

Join us for this 5-part free training series, where you'll discover how to create a stunning copywriting portfolio, craft compelling proposals, and present your work like a pro.

In this series, you'll learn:

  • The art of crafting a captivating copywriting portfolio.
  • Tips and tricks for designing persuasive proposals that impress.
  • How to use Canva to elevate your copywriting skills and presentations.
  • The secrets to presenting your copy more professionally and effectively.
  • Hands-on guidance to make your copywriting shine with Canva.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your copywriting game to the next level with Canva. Watch our free training series and transform your portfolio, proposals, and presentation skills today!

Learn how to use Canva

This practical, hands-on session gives you the tools, tips and techniques you need to use Canva.

Present yourself as a professional

Discover how to use Canva to create a range of content pieces that will present you as a confident copywriter.

Navigate the Canva platform

Take a deep-dive into the Canva platform, learn how to navigate it, use templates or start from scratch. 

session 1

A deep dive into the Canva platform

In this session, we look at how to:

  • Navigate your way through the platform so you know what’s available to you
  • Use templates to get started quickly
  • Identify any font or colour from any website
  • Play with animation and special effects
  • Leverage the branding functionality to ensure consistency of design across all your content pieces
  • Use the document sharing function to allow client access
  • Use the content statistics  
  • Unlock the perks of Pro membership

session 2

How to design a flyer

In this session, we look at how to:

  • Design a flyer
  • Find a template
  • Change the elements within the flyer
  • Drop copy into Canva from your Word or Google doc
  • Create bullet points
  • Make clickable links
  • Play with animation and special effects
  • Crop, edit, style and insert photos
  • Use advanced Canva tools including photo touch-ups, background removal and more
  • Edit and re-touch photos so that you’ll never need to hire another professional photographer 
  • Create multi-page flyers
  • Use the document sharing function to allow client access
  • Resize all your designs instantly for use on Facebook, Insta, TikTok and other platforms

session 3

How to create a copywriting portfolio

In this session, we look at how to:

  • Create dazzling proposals from scratch
  • Prepare your copywriting portfolio
  • Change the elements within the design
  • Add your logo and website link
  • Access free images
  • Add images and resize them
  • Transform proposals into PowerPoint and other formats with ease

session 4

How to create a proposal using Canva Docs

In this session, we look at how to:

  • Use Canva ‘Docs’ to create long-from proposals
  • Use the Ai ‘magic writing’ advanced tools with ease
  • Find a Doc template to use
  • Change the elements in the Doc
  • Add tables and graphs
  • Create bullet points, numbered lists and checklists
  • Convert your Doc into other formats
  • Leverage the Help Centre and use the Design School to upskill and gain confidence

session 5

How to create a flyer from scratch in 10 minutes!

In this session, we look at how to:

  • How to add images and position them
  • How to add the heading, subheading and body text
  • How to create a stand-out offer box
  • How to link to the website
  • How to change the background colour of the flyer

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