Tips On How To Get On Page One Of Google.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Keep It Simple’. It’s a lofty goal in some ways as running a business seems to get more and more complicated every day.

When Ernest Hemingway coined that phrase, life was in some ways, simpler – much simpler, but of course, he didn’t have to grapple with computers, the Internet, search engine optimisation, social media and all those other tools we need to keep a business running. Sure, he had other problems 🙂 but running a small business was not one of them.

If you struggle with getting your site on page one of Google (SEO) and understanding the basics of how to do it, then you might like to listen to an interview on that very topic. Tune in and you’ll get a simple, structured overview of what SEO is and some strategies you can apply today that will make all the difference to your site’s Google ranking.

Ben Angel, (CEO of Nationwide Networking/Zooba) interviewed me on this topic and you can listen to it now by clicking here: How To Get On Page One Of Google.