The Client Experience


'The Client Experience'

Work with real clients and build a copywriting portfolio.

A 6-week online coaching program for ambitious copywriters who need help getting started.


  • Do you want to kick-start your copywriting career?
  • Do you want to meet real clients in a safe, fun and friendly environment?
  • Do you want to build your portfolio?

We can help.

Introducing! 'The Client Experience'.

What is 'The Client Experience'? 

The Client Experience is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on copywriting experience with a real client, create work for your portfolio, and receive personal instruction and coaching along the way from some of Australia's top copywriters.

Why are we offering this programme? 

We’ve trained over 10,000 students in the art of copywriting and discovered that there’s 5 major challenges when launching a freelance copywriting career:

  • Finding clients
  • Having the confidence to take a brief from the client
  • Writing the copy and presenting it to the client
  • Building a portfolio
  • Knowing what to charge for your work

The Client Experience eliminates these barriers to building your freelance business so that you can launch your copywriting career and start making money today.

When you enrol in this programme you will:

  • Be introduced to your first client in a structured, group-based format so that you can learn your craft without stress  
  • Be guided and coached at every step so that you can experience working with a real client (without needing to be brilliant before you’ve even started)
  • Create a portfolio of work without having to find your own client
  • Get a testimonial from the client to use on your website
  • Introductions to more clients at the conclusion of the programme
  • Do it all in a supervised and safe format so that you can enjoy the process
  • Do it with a small group of like-minded copywriters who are all wanting the same thing – to build a successful freelance copywriting career

What students say about the programme:

'Thank you so much for the course -- I loved it. I feel it helped me to get to the next level and so many more levels to go! I love your generosity with us students. It is much much much appreciated. There's a lot of people out there making money just selling the dream - and it feels awful to be an obvious part of someone's marketing funnel. You give us real tools and real ways forward, no matter where one is in the journey'. Alison Dunn, Copywriter

‘This programme is a game changer! I would recommend the programme because it’s packed with a lot of learning and a lot of support and help’. Elvin Dizon, Copywriter

'Bernadette is not only an expert in her field, she genuinely cares for and supports her students, whenever they need her guidance and hard earned knowledge.  The Client Experience was both a technically enlightening, practical experience, and an unexpected lesson in mentoring, done right'. Mel Bateson, Copywriter

‘This programme can propel you into a career as a copywriter. All the tools you need are included – it’s up to you to handle those tools well. I would recommend the programme because you don’t need to waste time with any other programme to get results. Doing the copywriting course and the client experience with Bernadette was the best decision I have ever made in my career. I wish I’d made it sooner’. Annette McQuarrie, Copywriter

‘This programme gave me practical experience and the confidence to present myself professionally. It was great to meet so many like-minded people’. David Whiteley, Copywriter

'The Australian School of Copywriting - Client Experience Course provided support, knowledge sharing by industry experts, the forming of a future peer group, and the opportunity to pitch to a genuine client. Bernadette's generosity in creating this invaluable course for those of us new to the trade is testament to the amazing industry leader that she is. Under Bernadette's tutelage I have grown immensely and now foster a strong belief in my abilities. The Client Experience Course has given me the will to succeed. I highly recommend this course for anyone trying to get their Copywriting business off the ground. What I have learnt from Bernadette, industry leaders and my class peers cannot be found in an eBook or blog post. What are you waiting for?' Kathrin Allen, Copywriter

‘This programme boosted my confidence and has shifted me into ‘I’m a copywriter’ mode. I would recommend the programme because you will get over the wall from ‘I’m learning’ to ‘I’m a copywriter’. Filipa Ottley, Copywriter

I have honestly enjoyed The Client Experience (+the previous course I did with you) and only have high praise for you & your course. Meg Daniher, Copywriter

It's been a wonderful course. I feel far more confident to go out there and try to do this thing. Thank you so much for putting it together and including me in it. Katia Spies, Copywriter

The Client Experience has been absolutely amazing and I am very grateful to you for creating it, and giving me the chance to participate. Chantelle Churchill, Copywriter

WOW! This has to be one of the best courses I have ever done. The Client Experience was full of practical knowledge and not only was I introduced to real clients, but I had the opportunity to work alongside other copywriters in the same position. Julia Natoli, Copywriter

What clients say about the programme:

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What's included in the 6-week (12 session) course?

  • Live group coaching calls with The Copywriting Coach, Bernadette Schwerdt
  • Live group coaching calls with industry guest speakers
  • Introductions to your personal ‘client’ who you’ll work with for the duration of the programme
  • Guided instructions on how to meet, greet and take a creative brief from your client
  • Support, feedback and mentoring on how to produce the best work for your client
  • Opportunity to present your work to your client in real time
  • Presentation tips on how to present your work to the client
  • Feedback from clients and your coach on the work you create
  • Guidance on how to charge for your work on a ‘value’ basis (not an ‘hourly’ basis)
  • Access to a private Facebook group after the programme so you can keep in touch, share your stories and gain valuable feedback and support from others
  • On demand video tutorials to guide and support you throughout the programme

Who is this programme for?

The Client Experience programme is for anyone who wants to:

  • Get a foot in the copywriting door but lacks the confidence, contacts or know-how to get there
  • Work with a real client in real life in a supervised, structured and safe environment
  • Create real copywriting work to kick start their portfolio
  • Receive feedback on their work before they deliver it to the client so they can present with confidence
  • Know how to talk to a client, take a brief, and complete the full cycle of a copywriting job
  • Meet leading advertising industry identities and grill them on how they got started, what they did right, what they did wrong and what they’d recommend for launching a freelance career
  • Share the journey with others so you can build a community of collaborators, colleagues and contacts who can support you after the programme is over

If you are an aspiring copywriter who needs motivation and experience to acquire clients, 'The Client Experience' is for you.

What makes this programme unique?

  • Small group size:  we keep the class small so you can gain the personal attention and support you need to feel confident and flourish.
  • Real world:  meet real clients, with real businesses, who want to work with a copywriter
  • World-class coaching: receive personal instruction and support from a coach who has trained and mentored many of Australia’s most successful copywriters 
  • Safe and supported:  we’ll hold your hand every step of the way so that any worries, anxiety or questions can be managed quickly and sensitively

Who can apply?

To qualify for entry into the programme, you’ll need to have enrolled in at least ONE of our three courses: 

Learn How To Write 

Get Paid To Write 

SEO Copywriting

If you have completed Bernadette Schwerdt’s copywriting courses through the Australian Writers Centre, you are also qualified to enrol.

If you’d like to be accepted into 'The Client Experience' but haven’t enrolled in our courses yet, please enrol on or before the start date of the course.

Why do we make completion of these courses a pre-requisite?

To get the most from the programme, you need to know the basics of how to write copy. We don’t expect you to have any experience or know-how, but by doing the course you will have attained the basics you need to get started.

How is the course delivered?

All the online 'live' sessions are delivered by Zoom.

Working with the guest client:

You may be wondering: Do you get paid for the copywriting work you create for the guest client? No. The client is here to learn how to work with a copywriter, and you’re here to learn how to work with a client. The client gets access to your work, you get access to the work for your portfolio. It’s all about the process and both parties will benefit from working with each other.

Can I work with the client I met on the programme?

Should your client like the copy work you produce, they are welcome to engage with you after the programme on a commercial basis. We will provide in depth coaching on how to leverage what you’ve learnt in the programme to build your business.

Spaces are limited so please enrol early to get a seat.


Wednesday 24th February to 31st March 2021. SOLD OUT - STAY TUNED FOR LATER DATES.


7-9pm AEST.

Time commitment needed:

Please allow 4 hours a week to get the most from the course. 

Course fee:

$797 + GST.

Enrol now:

Seats are strictly limited. Enrol today to secure your spot. SOLD OUT - STAY TUNED FOR LATER DATES.


Please choose carefully as once the course has started, we cannot refund your money. You are welcome to find a replacement to take your place if needed. If you withdraw 7 days before the course begins, you'll get a full refund.