What courses are available?

3. What courses are available?

Here’s a comprehensive listing of copywriting courses available.

What can I expect to earn as a copywriter?

Unlike doctors, mechanics, plumbers etc, there is no ‘scheduled fee’. There’s no minimum wage or equity rate either, so it really depends on what you think you’re worth and how quickly you think you can do the job.

As a rough guide, copywriters earn:

  • New writers = $50-$80/hr
  • Medium experienced writers = $80-$120/hr
  • Highly experienced writers = $120-$200+/hr

Most jobs take a minimum of 10-15 hours so you can see how much money you can make just by having a steady stream of new clients.

We’ve had students charge $80 per hour with their first client, so it’s certainly possible to start earning great money after just five weeks’ tuition.