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I was first introduced to Bernadette through a short course she taught called ‘Copywriting Essentials’. I got so much value from this introductory copywriting course that I decided to invest in the more comprehensive ‘Get Paid to Write’ course. I’m a travel product manager, a job that requires a lot of writing. I gained a lot of new knowledge and skills from the ‘Get Paid to Write’ course, skills which gave me an advantage when I applied for a coveted role with the company that I now work for. If you’re self-motivated, enjoy writing and want to get paid for it, I recommend trying one of the courses offered by Australian School of Copywriting. You never know where the skills will lead you. For me, it led to a dream job with a polar specialist expedition cruise operator.
Mark Lee, Copywriter

As a former practice manager turned copywriter, I was looking to build my own freelance copywriting business. Feeling nervous about my decision, I spent a lot of time comparing courses before I took the plunge and enrolled into Australian School of Copywriting. A very wise and smart decision to date. I have found the deluxe pack (3 copywriting courses) very informative, well-structured and easy to understand. It equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be a successful writer and business owner. Above all, Bernadette’s mentorship provided me with expert advice and the confidence to get my business up and running in just a few weeks. Quite simply, her enthusiasm and willingness to help is unlike anything I have experienced before. I highly recommend her courses to all aspiring writers. Most importantly, I highly recommend her to be your copywriting mentor. 
Toni Wells, Copywriter

Bernadette taught me remotely in two courses on copywriting. She narrated both online programmes and provided personal feedback on weekly assignments to each participant through additional sound recordings. I’ve been a trainer for over 25 years, and it was immediately apparent to me that Bernadette is an expert trainer who knows what she’s doing. She has an excellent, well-modulated speaking voice, which makes her fun to listen to. Her relaxed approach makes her seem less like a teacher and more like a friend giving advice, so it’s easy to take her constructive criticism on board. She is patient and encouraging and occasionally uses gentle humour to get her point across. While she clearly knows she has been very successful in copywriting, her modesty and use of personal examples are both inspiring and instructive. I really enjoyed both courses and would gladly work with her again.
James Perkins, Koala Consulting and Training

I’ve recently completed the Copywriting course that Bernadette taught. Her depth of knowledge and constantly encouraging engagement with the students was really inspiring. I found her to be very generous with her time and shared a lot of insightful analysis of the work we were submitting. I would recommend Bernadette to anyone interested in the subject unreservedly.
Mark McKellar-Harding, Lead TX Scheduler

Bernadette’s knowledge, generosity and experience knows no bounds. I found her copywriting course to be very thorough. It was intricate in detail but so easy to engage in to understand and learn everything she presented. Additionally, she is always there to support and help. Bernadette is so open, connected and an accomplished expert in her field(s). Her willingness to constantly share what she knows and bring out the best in others is inspiring.
Nina Nicols, Writer, Producer, Actress, Musician and Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

Bernadette has been a returning guest speaker for my students in Digital Marketing at Monash University and RMIT University. She has been instrumental in encouraging, motivating and empowering my students for a number of years now. Bernadette’s background as a marketer, entrepreneur and author is a great inspiration for my students. She pushes them to think for themselves, and to follow their dreams and passions. She has tremendous insights into what it takes to be successful in an online environment, and she uses current industry examples that are easy to understand and relate. I hope to continue to work with Bernadette in the future so that she can keep being an inspiration and role model for my students.
Torgeir Aleti (né Watne), Lecturer in Marketing at RMIT University

As a student of Bernadette Schwerdt’s Australian School of Copywriting, I’m thrilled to recommend the course and her honest, enthusiastic desire to help people find opportunities in the copywriting business. For anyone who enjoys writing and has an interest in marketing ideas, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Australian School of Copywriting as an excellent way to explore a new career path. I think the advertising for the course is spot on. You can study the modules in your own time when you’re most motivated and you get terrific value for the money you spend. I’m always wary of signing up to an online course that promises the world but I found the copywriting school to be both immensely practical and enjoyable, a hugely informative and relevant course with a sharp focus on real-world industry knowledge. 
Bernadette was always available for a chat or an email and went out of her way to help me navigate a career path. On several occasions, she forwarded job and work experience opportunities, one of which has led to a permanent part-time position that has given me a foothold in the copywriting trade. Even though I’m now busy with paid copywriting work I fully intend to continue studying at the school as it has inspired me to deepen my understanding and engagement with the industry. 
David Whiteley, Freelance voiceover artist, copywriter and professional actor

Bernadette’s Copywriting Course is the ultimate “‘Everything you wanted to know about copywriting but were afraid to ask.” The exercises were fun and practical and her feedback and encouragement were excellent. The course not only helps to unleash your creativity but it is full of practical advice on marketing and running your own business. I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering a career as a copywriter. 
Robin Storey, Freelance Writer and Ghostwriter

Bernadette’s Copywriting course sharpened my writing skills and also taught me to generate new ideas out of thin air. It has helped me immeasurably in my corporate writing career. Her passion and expertise shine through in her engaging delivery style. Thank you Bernadette! 
Brigid Stapleton, Senior Research Analytics at RMIT University

Bernadette is dedicated to providing students and clients every opportunity to further their businesses. She writes and speaks in a very professional manner, catering for every individual need in a manner that is friendly and professional. I would absolutely work with her again. 
Renee Bugden, Communications Officer, junior Public Relations, Content Writer

I am a busy part-time freelance copywriter, with plenty of work, and a flexible and satisfying job which I can comfortably do around my three young children. This success is due, in a very large part, to Bernadette and is why I have no hesitation in recommending her to others considering her services in any form. Bernadette’s comprehensive home study course included not only what was essential a copywriting bible, full of information, including theory, examples and practical exercises, it also offered practical tips on how to start a business, and several coaching calls with Bernadette herself, to add clarity, give feedback and help maintain enthusiasm. Changing career and starting my own business wasn’t easy, but Bernadette made me feel positive, shared her amazing copywriting skills, gave me faith in my ability as a writer, and kept me focused on my goal of a successful part-time business. 
Rebecca Christensen, Communications Contractor at St Aloysius’ College

The very best thing about the course was the confidence it has given me to pursue a career as a copywriter.
Belinda Castles, Winner of the Australian The Australian/Vogel Literary Award

I have already begun to work – only weeks after finishing the course. They hooked me up with a business that needed some work and I have already started a project worth $1650.00 to me – paid for the course three times over after the first month!!
Cameron Clemens, Copywriter

The course was fantastic, very valuable and the information was liquid gold! It made learning things seem so simple, yet very important.
Amy Watson, Project Officer, Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

The course leaves no stone unturned and without it, I would not have been able to kick off my successful copywriting career. Best of all is the support I received from Bernadette.
Caetano Lima, Copywriter

Very good. Constructively constructive course! Inspiring and detailed outline of the world of copywriting. Bernadette was awesome…Loved the course.
Pam Eames – The Consulting Corporation

The best part about this course was the interaction between the tutor and the audience. Bernadette was very engaging, approachable and friendly.
Emma Simonson – Senior Events Co-ordinator – Institute of Actuaries of Australia

The course was very valuable and challenged us to use the skills we learnt with the writing exercises. Bernadette used real examples to demonstrate the concepts.
Nicole Robertson – Senior Conference Officer – Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

Absolutely brilliant grounding in the art of copywriting… Feel as if I now have some real nuts ‘n bolts, skills and understanding to venture forth on a brilliant creative and exciting new career path. Yet another string to my bow.
Heather Joel-Andrews – TV Producer/ Journalist

Practical. Fun. Engaging. Inspiring. It will help me in my current role as well as for my future plans to freelance.
Kate Browne – Marketing Executive, Sydney Opera House

Great. Directed, on course…..certainly inspired me & moved me to action. Well done! It was a very friendly atmosphere & easy to be amongst other writers.
Jacqueline Murphy – Facilitator of writing courses, Storyworks Australia

I have LOVED the course. A fantastic balance of skills and practical work. It gave me a taste of life in the real world of copywriting and helped me decide that I definitely want to be part of it! Thanks.
Julie Bennett – Primary Teacher

Brilliant!…the most commercially rewarding four weeks I have ever spent. I have now found a lucrative means of making money, through being creative through this course!
Ben Keenan – Digital Copywriter

Fantastic stuff about idea generation. Perfect. Don’t change a thing. Congratulations on an empowering and sharply focused package.
Loz Blain – Musician/web designer

Right from the start, Bernadette encouraged me to have fun with the course and that’s exactly what it felt like – fun. I most enjoyed being able to let the creative juices flow around the structure that Bernadette provided. Bernadette was a fantastic tutor. She clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was extremely open to sharing that. She is the first tutor that has made me feel like learning something new – that could lead to something more in my career, was truly possible and achievable. She has inspired me to pursue copywriting. Bernadette was inspiring as a tutor. 
Kerry Pickles

It was practical, to the point and very relevant. Bernadette presented the course in a very professional and very informative manner. She provided a lot of industry experience and knowledge. The whole course was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me. The industry experience made this course more realistic and the tips provided along the way were very helpful.
Vesna Pinchen

Very good – interesting, well presented and fun. Pretty much provides all the info necessary to begin copywriting.
Ralph Tripp – IT Systems Analyst

Excellent. Very well thought out curriculum. We were given the real world “nuts and bolts” and then given real world exercises. We produced “real” stuff! Also, it’s an interesting and creative area, so I found it very enjoyable.
Eve Urban – Health Educator

So glad I invested the money! Best course I have EVER done, just wish I’d done it when I left school.
Caroline Ludwell – Marketing Consultant

I loved how I could download the audio and listen to the course while I was walking along the beach. It helped me kill two birds with one stone, exercise and study! I found Bernadette to be highly knowledgeable and I enjoyed her sense of humour. I also enjoyed her honest and supportive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course material was well laid out and easy to navigate through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure you are supposed to have fun while learning but I did and gained useful newfound knowledge in the process. I would say it is definitely worth it. You will learn something new.
Fiona Reading

The structure was paced in a way that made it much less ‘hard work’ than other courses I’ve done. The mystery around copywriting was also removed. I found it easy and pleasurable to do the course. I really looked forward to each module. I loved Bernadette’s easy, stress-free manner. I felt encouraged all the way, even when I submitted a poor assignment. Perhaps that’s when you learn the most! Anyway, I do appreciate her kindness and tolerance for dummies! It was a ‘fundamentals’ course, but exceeded that expectation, taking things further. It’s the best online copywriting course that I have ever done and highly recommend it. Thanks again to Bernadette for giving me the knowledge and confidence to step forward and start to think seriously about a career in the copywriting industry.
Louise Bennett

Coming from a branding background, the ‘Writing for Profit Course’ helped me strike a balance between a conceptual-creative side and a more ‘direct sell’ approach. Thanks to this course I can now produce copy with double the impact!
Vince King, Client Service/Copywriter for agency

Bernadette was clear, concise and explained the concepts well. The course was highly informative, well-paced and structured.
Kathleen Allen – Events & Memberships – Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

Bernadette Schwerdt is experienced and generous with her knowledge. she broke the copywriting process into easy, manageable chunks plus gave great templates so I can get up and running immediately.
Sue Webster

I loved Bernadette’s conversational presentation. I felt like I was actually in a classroom, face to face with her. Bernadette combined theory and her own experience seamlessly, making her information both useful and fun. The online classroom was easy and convenient, as it allowed me to complete the course at a time that worked for me.
Fran Tann

The course materials were useful and will be a valuable resource for future reference. Bernadette was a great tutor. She clearly has years of experience in copywriting and provided really good materials to help us understand the basics of copywriting. Doing the course online is very easy and convenient. I particularly liked Bernadette’s slides with the voiceover. It worked really well for me.
Michelle Hill

It was a course which proved more valuable than I could have ever imagined! Bernadette is such an engaging tutor and learning from her is made so easy thanks to her warmth and knowledge. I want to do more courses run by Bernadette!
Donna Webeck

Covered everything and restored my faith in professional writing after becoming jaded after 10 years of technical writing.
Lisa Sinclair – Technical writer/web designer

Bernadette explains things in such a way that what looks to be a complex task becomes more achievable in my mind.
David Ladbrook – Business Development Executive

A very useful and engaging workshop. Very clear, well structured and great interaction.
Anthony York – Business Development Executive

Very well presented and had my complete attention all the way through.
Canute Jacob – Business Development Executive

Bernadette was an engaging presenter. I particularly liked the way she presented copywriting as a very real opportunity and backed it up with some tricks of the trade. Each module was useful and practical. The course has provided a great foundation for me to change my career. I didn’t have to spend too many hours per week to do coursework and assignments. The online component was easy and convenient. I could fit the lessons and assignments into my week without feeling stressed while holding down a full-time job.
Jody Boyle

Thank you for all the tips, techniques and templates that I can apply straight away in my own work and business. Bernadette Schwerdt had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and I appreciated the feedback she provided on each of our assignments. The convenience of being able to fit it in when it suited my schedule and commitments was a winner for me!
Belinda Rule

The course was really well-presented. Bernadette was full of great information and tips that would never have occurred to me when starting a copywriting business. Bernadette was engaging and witty while imparting lots of information. Her presentation style is very easy to listen to.
Stephanie Smith

Bernadette is an exceptional communicator, both highly relational and exceptional in skill and life experience – sensational.
Jo Chapman – VIP Relationships & PR

The simple steps and easy to use/remember formulas that we were asked to practice and attempt writing were great. It was really enjoyable and informative.
Kate – Donor Care Administration

This course makes you business-ready the moment you’ve finished the course. Bernadette is superb. She knows her stuff and how to present in a way that builds the students’ knowledge in the best, most practical way. The online aspect is a great method of delivery. The fact that I can also listen to the presentations and do the assignments at times that suit me is a major plus. Just do it! You can’t go wrong.
Kylie Castor

It’s great to have a tutor like Bernadette who knows the industry so well. I loved being able to fit the course around my busy and unpredictable schedules.
Carole Ciavarra

I enjoyed the structure and content. Bernadette was excellent. You should just do it!
Gemma King

I did the course as I wanted to have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed before I launched my site. I was surprised I knew as much as I did already but it was validating to realise I was on the right track. Bernadette is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed her chatty, supportive style. It was really helpful to hear examples of her own challenges and how she overcame them. During the course I clicked over from a ‘mates rates’ mindset to a professional – that alone was worth the fee.
Jacqueline Cook