• Use a unique 7-step process to write great copy for any product, any service, any medium at any time
  • Build your confidence as a copywriter and charge top dollar for the work you create
  • Use tried, tested and proven headline formulas that get instant results
  • Take a Creative Brief, why you should and the disasters that await you if you don’t
  • Use sophisticated research techniques to become an instant expert on any topic and any product
  • Identify the top 10 on- and off-page SEO copywriting factors that determine how a website gets ranked (this technique alone will guarantee clients will pay you double the standard writing rate)
  • Write EDMs (electronic direct mailers), direct mail letters, and brochures using a fast-track writing process that takes your writing from average to outstanding in just 13 minutes flat! (we guarantee it)
  • Write compelling, persuasive long-form content (blogs, articles, FAQs, ebooks) without even typing a word or picking up a pen! If you can’t write, or don’t have time to, but really, really need to, this technique alone will be worth the cost of the course.

Our training works:

This inspirational course has kick-started the careers of some of Australia’s most successful copywriters, many of whom have gone on to have illustrious careers as creative directors, digital copywriters, copywriting ‘guns’ and more. We’ve even trained the copywriters who go on to train other copywriters!

Even if you don’t want to be a full time copywriter, just having the skills to write great copy will give you the freedom to earn great money while you write your big novel, screenplay or blog – and you’ll learn some handy writing tips along the way that will help you in your other work, including how to overcome procrastination, deal with fear, use deadlines effectively, as well as how to write copy to help you promote your own creative work be it a book, a movie or a play.

Featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and on Radio National’s Life Matters, this best-selling course is widely regarded to be one of Australia’s most successful copywriting courses for those seeking practical, real-world training that generates paid work.

This course is brilliant for:

  • Creative writers who want to learn the art of writing copy for pro
  • Journalists who want to add copywriting to their suite of corporate services
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to write great copy (and don’t want to pay a freelance copywriter to do it)
  • Anyone looking to dip their toe in the copywriting waters to see if the copywriting life is for them